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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Advancing the Profession

Executive Director Patrick Natale and 2008 President David MonganThe Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 challenged us to lead the way in preparing the civil engineering profession for the world of tomorrow. As the year unfolded, we focused our efforts on two major strategic areas: infrastructure improvement and raising the bar on education.

ASCE made great strides forward in our campaign to Raise the Grades on America’s Infrastructure. Passage of the Water Resources Development Act, the Highway Trust Fund, and funding for the Small Watershed Dam Rehabilitation program and SAFETEA-LU guarantees were significant achievements on Capitol Hill. To raise awareness about the urgent needs of our water infrastructure and build public support, ASCE as sponsor and lead outreach partner, worked with Penn State Public Broadcasting on an integrated media campaign about our water systems and how they play a critical role in protecting the public health, promoting economic prosperity, and ensuring quality of life across the United States. As part of the campaign, ASCE held screenings of the documentary called "Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure" and disseminated outreach toolkits to facilitate local discussions about water infrastructure challenges. We also educated our members by conducting a series of disaster training workshops.

Our commitment to advocate for more extensive and broader educational requirements to prepare the profession to lead in the development of a 21st century infrastructure has been unwavering. This year, the second edition of the Body of Knowledge was released during a ceremony at the National Academy of Engineers in February. Our continuing efforts to encourage changes for the future were rewarded as the ban on dual-level accreditation of engineering programs was lifted by ABET after more than 50 years, setting the stage for new innovations in the civil engineering curriculum.

As part of our shared mission to make the world a better place, ASCE made a significant contribution to bolster EWB-USA operations. Through an affiliation agreement, our members have the opportunity to become involved with EWB-USA projects and apply their expertise to elevate living in underdeveloped communities in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, those who participate in a EWB-USA project are better prepared for practice in the global environment, enhance the public image of engineering, and expand the diversity of the profession.

Through a number of outreach efforts, we’ve added new opportunities. We’ve partnered with the National Engineers Week Foundation and the National Association of College Admission Counseling to promote the new Engineer Your Life resource Web site for girls.We published Diversity by Design, a professional manual with hands-on recommendations on how to foster a diverse workforce. We participated in the Millennium Villages program in collaboration with EWRI, which gives members in Africa the chance to help on water resources issues.

By exercising sound fiscal stewardship, the Society is in an excellent position as we head into 2009. Through careful management of revenues and expenses, we have achieved a strong financial position and are prepared to continue offering the wide array of products and services to enhance our members’ lives. Our commitment to your career has enabled ASCE to reach a new milestone -- a 146,000-strong membership. This jump reflects the most growth in membership in more than 20 years.

We look forward to the coming year and the prospects for our members to advance the profession. Although we are a society of many, we encourage each one of you to exercise the “power of one” and make a difference in our world.

David Mongan signature
David G. Mongan
2008 ASCE President

Pat Natale signature
Patrick J. Natale
Executive Director