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Executive Summary

2010 Annual Report -- Executive Summary

Moving the Vision Forward 

Blaine D. Leonard and Patrick J. NataleAs we head into a new decade, ASCE is operating from a position of strength. In 2010, as the nation and our organization continued to adjust to a new economic reality, focusing on priorities became essential.

ASCE made important strides in representing the profession and helping civil engineers to assume the leadership role outlined in The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025. Following the roadmap, Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025, we concentrated on three strategic initiatives: infrastructure, sustainability and raising the bar for professional competency. 

Our efforts were rewarded as public awareness and regard for civil engineers as the stewards of infrastructure grew in 2010. As we continued to cite the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and share the message of our crumbling infrastructure, we made an impact. President Obama and lawmakers heard us and quoted us. News organizations sought our professional civil engineering insights. ASCE is clearly playing a leadership role on this issue. 

Similarly, we continued to lead the charge in raising the bar on education and licensure of future civil engineers. The Society’s advocacy efforts showcased the need for more extensive and broader educational requirements to prepare the profession to lead the development of 21st century infrastructure. This year, we built on previous successes, including a model engineering licensure law adopted by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) that requires formal preparation for licensure. We have moved forward to communicate and collaborate more effectively with our partners on this issue and to make this model law a reality in a few states.

We are also making inroads in advancing the role of civil engineers as stewards of a sustainable environment. While we have always taken the natural environment into account, "sustainable design" has taken on a much broader meaning. At ASCE, we’re working to redefine sustainable infrastructure design, focused on a "triple bottom line" approach that encompasses environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We joined with the American Public Works Association and the American Council of Engineering Companies in the development of a new organization, the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, and collaborated with our partners on the development of its first product, an infrastructure sustainability rating system slated to debut in the coming year.

Mirroring the national trend of the past few years, the Society again experienced a decline in revenue due to economic conditions. By reducing expenses and managing our investments carefully, we have been successful in maintaining a strong financial position. This benefitted our members as we were still able to undertake major capital projects to modernize our association software systems and Web site, and provide significant funding for our infrastructure advocacy and new sustainability initiatives. We also enhanced the perception of ASCE with an updated, more modern logo and branding strategy, both visible on our new Web site.

We welcome the opportunities and challenges that 2011 will bring as we advance our strategic initiatives and continue the path to achieving the Vision for 2025. Our strong financial foundation will allow us to meet those challenges and continue positioning civil engineers as leaders creating a sustainable world.

Blaine D. Leonard

2010 ASCE President

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Patrick J. Natale
Executive Director, ASCE