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Annual Report 2011: Financial Statement

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Responsible Stewardship

The Society continued to maintain its strong financial condition at the end of fiscal 2011 with $65.1 million in assets, $18.7 million in liabilities and net assets of $46.4 million, of which $24.2 million was unrestricted reserves. For the fiscal year, the Society’s operating expenses exceeded its operating revenues by $458,000. Revenues continued to be below pre-recession levels and the Society used a measured amount of its reserves to support operations, including new sustainability programs. As the result of the volatile investment markets, earnings on long-term investments were low at a positive $88,000. We continue tight management of expenses to compensate for the lower revenues.

Financial Balance Sheet 2011 

Financial Activities Sheet 2011

Financial Revenue 2011 Pie Chart

Financial Expenses 2011 Pie Chart