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ASCE Strategy Management

To stay on top of the issues facing civil engineers and the civil engineering profession, and to set priorities for action, ASCE makes use of an ongoing strategy management process--a rolling cycle of scanning the environment for strategic issues, winnowing down and prioritizing the issues on a “radar screen,” determining what the Society wants to accomplish for a few top priority issues, and creating action plans to achieve the outcomes. (Note: "Strategy management" is used in place of "strategic planning" since the latter often implies the creation of a static document perhaps appropriate for a shelf rather than an ongoing driver of actions.)

The goal is to become focused and flexible in identifying and addressing a few top priorities while continuing to provide the ongoing broad range of products, services, and initiatives for the members and the profession. 

ASCE's Ongoing Strategy Management Process (PDF Format)
Read about the process in more detail (includes a glossary of terms). 

ASCE's Strategy Management Documents to Date (PDF Format)
Radar Screen of Strategic Issues (Prioritized)
Desired Outcomes for Top-Priority Strategic Issues
Value Propositions