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ASCE Elections

Frequently Asked Questions About the ASCE Elections

1. How do I vote?
Only voting members with a valid e-mail address on record as of May 15, 2014, will receive an electronic signature via e-mail starting June 15. The email will contain a link to the voting site. If you are eligible to vote and have not received an electronic signature by June 19, you may contact ASCE Customer Service at 800-548-ASCE (2723) or +1 703-295-6300 (Intl.) and request that one be provided. No electronic signatures may be provided on the phone, so a valid e-mail address is needed.

In addition, paper ballots will be sent to the address of record for all eligible voting members by the election vendor, Survey and Ballot Systems. The paper ballot will not include the biographical, vision statements, and other information, but those can be found on the web and in the June issue of ASCE Roundup.

The 2014 election will open June 15 and close August 13, 2014.

Voting Instructions:

 •   To access the online ballot, go to:     

•    Enter your Membership Number (no preceding zeros) and the Election Passcode provided in the broadcast email or printed on your paper ballot. 

•    Click the "Login" button.

•    At the bottom of the election letter, click the "Go To Ballot" button.

•    Follow the instructions for accessing nominee election information and voting.

•    If you would like an e-mail confirmation at the conclusion of voting you will need to provide your e-mail address.  ASCE does not provide member e-mail addresses to the election vendor.

2. Who is eligible to vote?
Members at the grade of associate and above who are current on membership dues as of May 15 are eligible to vote in the national election. Students, Affiliate and Institute-only members are not eligible to participate in the election. 

3. Can I vote for the EWRI officer?
If you are an eligible member of the Environmental Water Resources Institute (EWRI), you will have access to the voting site for the EWRI Vice President.  Voting may be conducted on-line or via the paper ballot delivered by Survey and Ballot Systems. Student members of the EWRI are ineligible to vote.

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 4. Why are many races uncontested?
It is the responsibility of each Region Nominating Committee to provide Official Nominees for its vacant positions. If Region members do not express an interest to serve at the national level, then the candidate pool is limited and often results in uncontested races. Contested races are noted on the ballot by the number of open positions. A notice of vacant positions within each Region is published in the September issue of ASCE News. If you are interested in serving at the national level, or you know someone who would be a good candidate, please contact your Section or Branch President, Region Governor, Region Director, or ASCE Geographic Services.

 5. What is the election cycle? 
The Election Cycle commences November 1 for individuals seeking nomination for President-elect or Region Director through the Technical Region.   In order to pursue nomination through the Geographic Region, the Election Cycle begins on December 1.  Both Election Cycles begin on the 1st, regardless of whether this date falls on a weekend or holiday, and concludes the final date for ballot submission.

6. Can an individual endorse a Nominee for office? 
Individual Members of the Society may endorse one (1) Nominee per vacancy for any given office  The endorsement may include the rationale used by the Individual Member in making a decision but shall not make reference to, or compare any other Nominees seeking the same offie.  Members of a Region Nominating Committee, Board of Direction Nominating Committee, or At-Large Director Review Panel shall not provide written endorsements for elected office.  Endorsements should be sent directly to the Nominee no later than June 1 and include the member's full name, membership number, and Address of Record for validation.

 7. Can an Organizational Entity endorse a Nominee for office? 
Organizational Entities may endorse one (1) Nominee per vacancy for any given office. Such endorsement action may include the rationale used by the Organizational Entity in its decision. The endorsement rationale shall not make reference to, or compare any other  Nominees seeking the same office. No discussion of any other Nominee may be included in the endorsement action. The endorsement action shall be on Organizational Entity letterhead, signed by the President/Chair of that Organizational Entity or Region Board, and contain the endorsement action. Endorsements shall be submitted directly to the Nominee not later than June 1.    A non-ASCE organization may not provide an endorsement.

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8. We have endorsed a Nominee for office. Are we permitted to publish our action?  
An Organizational Entity that officially endorses a Nominee may publish its Endorsement Action and rationale in their newsletter and web site in accordance with Society rules.  The Organizational Entity should acknowledge all other individuals being considered for the same office.

 9. What campaign literature is permitted?  
Nominees may prepare campaign literature for distribution only after the content has been approved by the Society Secretary. The literature typically contains the Nominee's biographical and vision statements, but is not restricted in content or style.

10. What campaign activity may an Organizational Entity undertake? 
Organizational Entities shall not allow Nominees nor their supporters to use the membership database for individual campaigning purposes.   Items such as signs, key chains, pens, buttons, pins, press kits or similar items are not permitted.  An Organizational Entity may publish information about the Nominees on their web site and newsletter, provided the same information is published for each Nominee within the same office.  Organizational Entities should also encourage their members to vote in the national election. It is a good idea to educate the members on the Society's governance and explain issues such as non-contested elections.

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11. We want to invite a Nominee to attend our meeting. Is that allowed? 
Organizational Entities may invite Nominees to attend their event, provided all Nominees for the position are extended the same invitation at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting. Nominees may make a presentation to the meeting attendees regardless of whether all the Nominees accepted the invitation.

  • If a Nominee is unavailable to attend the event in person but wishes to participate via alternative means, the Organizational Entity shall make the necessary arrangements (i.e., conference call, Webex, etc.).
  • Nominees who attend a meeting of an Organizational Entity without an invitation may not make a presentation to those in attendance.
  • The only exception to the invitation procedures is that Nominees may address their assigned Section, Branch or Primary Institute without a formal invitation being extended to the remaining Nominees who have an Address of Record outside the Section or Branch, or have designated another Institute as their Primary Institute. Nonetheless, an Organizational Entity or Region is encouraged to extend a formal invitation to all Nominees for the particular office, regardless of their Address of Record.

12. If a Nominee attends our function are we required to reimburse them? 
Nominees are responsible for all travel related costs when accepting an invitation from an Organizational Entity. There is no financial limit placed on the Nominees seeking office. 

13. Can we make our membership information available? 
Organizational Entities shall not provide membership lists of address records or e-mail addresses to Nominees or their supporters.

14. What information can we publish? 
An Organizational Entity may publish information on Nominees that is obtained from the Society Secretary, provided the Organizational Entity publishes the same information for all Nominees running for the same office. Information available typically includes the biographical statement, vision statement and photograph. In the event of a contested election additional information may be available.

An Organizational Entity may publish its Endorsement Action and rationale on their web site and in their newsletters as indicated above.

If you have additional questions that are not addressed herein, please contact Patty Jones, Director of Executive and Board Operations, at 703-295-6101 or via email.   

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