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Podcast Interviews With President-elect Nominees

Hear the ASCE President-elect nominees on today's CE issues

Listen to recently recorded podcast interviews with the two nominees for President-elect in ASCE's upcoming 2012 elections, Randall S. Over, P.E., F.ASCE, and Garland P. Rose, Jr., P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE. Each responds to five questions suggested by ASCE members' submissions. These cover the broad range of issues facing civil engineers and their careers, the profession overall, how ASCE addresses those issues and what they would do as the eventual ASCE President for 2014. Plus, in closing statements, hear each explain their qualifications. 

Hear and/or download each nominee's podcast in its entirety, or for your convenience, hear the individual responses to each question, and each closing statement. To download, right-click on the link and choose "Save as" or "Save link as ..." then follow the window's prompts.

Randall Over 120pxRandall S. Over

District Construction Engineer
Ohio Department of Transportation

Complete podcast (10:46)

Garland Rose 120pxGarland P. Rose Jr.

Chairman Emeritus
Barge Waggoner Sumner and Canon, Nashville, Tenn.

Complete podcast (7:22)

Question 1: How should ASCE approach legislation that benefits civil engineers and infrastructure investment, but may come with major price tags at a time of significant debt? In a related vein, what can young engineers do to get involved in the legislative process, or prepare for future involvement?

Question 1 – Randall Over response Question 1 – Garland Rose response

Question 2: We keep hearing about the lack of students getting engineering degrees, yet ASCE is pushing for additional credit hour requirements. How can we increase student enrollment in engineering and ensure that they have the schooling needed to be competent professionals? What can be done to bridge the gap between older and younger engineers so that valuable information is passed along and not lost as engineers retire?

Question 2 – Randall Over response Question 2 – Garland Rose response

Question 3: When I tell people I’m a civil engineer, I’m tired of being asked what that is. What do you propose to do in your tenure to raise public consciousness of civil engineering and civil engineers and what we do?

Question 3 – Randall Over response Question 3 – Garland Rose response

Question 4: What are your thoughts on the growing recognition that civil engineers, as responsible stewards of society’s infrastructure, must make their work more sustainable? How can ASCE build on its efforts to encourage civil engineers to apply principles of sustainability, from design to construction, from environmental impact to choice of materials?

Question 4 – Randall Over response Question 4 – Garland Rose response

Question 5: Every president leaves a legacy, whether planned or not. Within ASCE, David Mongan's legacy includes the Vision 2025 Summit and a partnership with EWB. Wayne Klotz's legacy includes infrastructure sustainability and ISI. As a potential president of ASCE, what would you like your legacy to include?

Question 5 – Randall Over response Question 5 – Garland Rose response

Closing Statement

Randall Over Garland Rose

The 2012 election, which will also fill region and at-large director positions and region governor positions, opens June 15 and ends August 14. All members are encouraged to vote. Only members at the grade of associate or higher, and current on dues by May 15, will be eligible to vote. Ballots may be cast on paper and online. To receive electronic credentials for online voting, members must have a valid email address on file by May 15. 

For any comments or concerns regarding the nominees, contact your Region director. Other questions regarding the election may be addressed to Patricia Jones, director of executive and board operations, at 800-548-2723, ext. 6101, or