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Blaine D. Leonard, P.E., F.ASCE - Vision Statement

Blaine D. Leonard, P.E., F.ASCE
2009 President-Elect


Vision Statement 
P-E Blaine D. Leonard, P.E., F.ASCE

ASCE is an organization of great breadth and depth that touches each member differently. As we move forward, it is essential that ASCE be true to its core values while transforming to achieve the changes and challenges of the future.

To many of our members, ASCE is a local organization. Hundreds of dedicated local leaders work to provide seminars, outreach activities, service projects, and peer recognition that touch many lives. We must continue to support and encourage these crucial activities, providing resources for success at our local level, here and abroad. The Regions bear a fresh responsibility for expansion of these functions.

ASCE was founded on the principle of providing for an interchange of technical knowledge and experience. Through our Technical Activities Committee and Institutes, members provide engineering knowledge that is recognized globally as the gold standard. Through conferences, publications, and continuing education, technical interchange is at the core of ASCE’s mission, and must continue to be a major focus.

Now, more than ever, education is essential to the survival of our profession. Expanding and reforming the education of new engineers can only be done as a collective effort, led by ASCE and supported by many partners. For the rest of us, life-long learning is the only way that we will remain competitive and forward thinking.

Shaping public policy is a role that we have often left to others, but in this changing world is a role that we must pursue more aggressively. As stewards of the infrastructure of society, we must lend our imagination, expertise and passion to the policies that will shape our well-being. This requires both a collective voice and many individual efforts.

Finally, if we, as a group of civil engineers, do not shape our own future, others will shape it for us. Bold steps have already been taken to envision our future, and it is imperative that we proactively identify and pursue objectives that will define the future and create an appropriate worldwide role for us.

We must join together to move ASCE and our profession into the future. We must continue to serve members where they live, push the frontiers of technical practice to new heights, adapt our education system to meet future needs, expand our efforts to shape public policy, and be proactive in determining our own future role.


The above statement appears as it was submitted to ASCE by the nominee. No revisions have been made to the statement by ASCE.


Blaine D. Leonard, P.E., F.ASCE - Vision Statement