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Chris Veis, P.E., M.ASCE - Vision Statement

 Veis, Chris

Chris “Shoots” Veis, P.E., M.ASCE

Region 8 Governor Official Nominee

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Vision Statement

My vision for ASCE is to focus on two important aspects of the organization – Connectedness and Advocacy. Since joining ASCE I have found these to be important and impressive assets.

ASCE must continue to be the place for civil engineers to connect - online and in person. ASCE creates a forum for engineers to meet, discuss, and network across horizontal and vertical boundaries. Whether at national, state, or local gatherings or meetings, ASCE provides a venue to congregate and discuss the issues important to civil engineers from engineering executives to engineering students.

Because ASCE is the place for civil engineers to gather, it must harness the great power of connectedness. It is the lubricant of communication and problem solving, making change and progress easier. Our profession is made stronger by our ability to come together through ASCE and the future of ASCE is tied to its ability to keep civil engineers connected.

Since ASCE allows us to connect, it is an influential venue for advocacy - both inside and outside the profession. Inside the profession, it is an organization that nudges boundaries and sparks creativity. An organization that foresees the future of engineering, seizes the opportunity to lead the discussion, and guides the future of civil engineering. It is a market place for ideas that can be shared across the profession. Outside the profession, it is the effective voice of civil engineers and facilitates the discussion of important issues facing our nation, states, and local communities. The future of ASCE is tied to giving connected engineers a potent voice.

My time involved with ASCE has been some of the most fruitful I have ever had the chance to pursue because it has allowed me to connect with engineers in a meaningful way to advance issues that are important to our profession. I look forward to many years of service to the organization and its members.

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