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Christopher J. Menna, P.E., F.ASCE - Vision Statement

Menna, Christopher J.

Christopher J. Menna, SR., P.E., M.ASCE

Region 2 Director-Elect 

Biographical Statement

Vision Statement

I have a long history with Region 2, serving on the original Region 2 formation team, as Governor, and as Vice-Chair. The Position of Director is the next logical path for me based on my experience and commitment to date. I wish to continue to serve and to help further improve the Region and provide service and interaction amongst our members. Our focus in the recent past has been the Students, the Practioner Advisors, and the Faculty Advisors and this has been shown in our last few Assemblies. I'd like to help the Region focus on some new topics and revisit its Strategic Plan. My two top interests are:

  1. Recent input from the YMGs and the students has shown the desire for an annual, Region 2 fun activity. This was recently done as a camping trip in a state park, spearheaded by the Pittsburgh YMG. I’d like to further support this effort and further expand on it.
  2. Communication has and continues to be a key issue amongst Region 2 members. I’d like to find a way to make it easy for all entities to easily upload their information such that all can view, participate as required, and schedule to avoid conflicts. Updating and making our website more meaningful goes hand-in-hand with this goal.

The position of Region Director also involves serving on the National Board of Direction and serving the Society as a whole. With this in mind, it is also appropriate to convey what I’d like to do as Director to further strengthen the Society:

  1. I’d like to continue to promote ASCE’s top three priorities – Raise the Bar, Sustainability, and Infrastructure. I would do this by working with the Governors, Sections, and Branches to disseminate the pertinent information and then go out and do as much outreach as possible within our society, and more importantly, externally to the general public.
  2. ASCE has great resources for children of all levels to encourage STEM and careers in civil engineering. I am very involved in scouting, both boys and girls, and would like to assist in tailoring what ASCE already has and applying those resources to the already well established merit badge/patch programs. This is a tremendous opportunity that has not yet been realized.
  3. This is a great time for government engineer involvement within ASCE. Many high-level ASCE positions have recently been filled by government engineers such as Blaine Leonard, Greg DiLoreto, and Randy Over. My current opportunity to run for this position was made possible by my own employer realizing the benefits. I would like to further assist the Society in seeking out qualified government engineer candidates and encourage their employers to support their volunteer efforts.

I look forward to working with all of you and ask for your support.

Thank you.

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