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Constantine D. Memos, PH.D., P.E., DIC, F.ASCE - Vision Statement

Memos, Constantine

Constantine D. Memos, PH.D., P.E., DIC, F.ASCE

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Vision Statement 

My Vision as Director of Region 10, if honored to be elected, can be encapsulated in the statement:

“To make Region 10 become a developing and vibrant part of ASCE capable to stimulate members by providing added-value benefits to them.”

Main driving vehicles to that goal would include the following:

  • Governance shaped from bottom-up, focused on appreciating the needs of the membership, attaching priorities to them, scheduling actions to meeting these, monitoring and assessing the results. To this end each Governor of Region 10 should be assigned a geographical sub-region according to his place of residence. His task should be to supervise and help with any issues the Sections and Groups, operating within his area of responsibility, may face. Also, he should foster co-operation between these entities for mutual benefit. This structure will promote collaboration between the Region Governors and also help building links outside Region 10 through networking, exchange of views or sistering partnerships between ASCE entities.
  • The above mentioned responsibility structure will facilitate not only the healthy development of international Sections/Groups but also the revitalization of dormant ones or the formation of new Groups or Student Groups. The Governors should devote a large proportion of their effort to this endeavor and to this effect some resources should be allocated to essential travel needs associated to their task just mentioned.
  • Enhance a streamlined international dissemination of ASCE initiatives or consolidated action plans. This will entail considerable benefits for both international membership and the Association. Examples of such initiatives can be mentioned the Vision 2025 for the civil engineering profession and its associated roadmap, the Raise the Bar for civil engineering education, the sustainability tools developed, the report card for infrastructure. Such an effort will eventually involve local associations and agencies in ASCE’s doings, thus fostering the latter’s internationalization in parallel with its feedback “education” through different cultures.
  • Forging links and collaborations with NGOs operating in the international scene and sharing an interest in providing voluntary services in the field of civil engineering. This can obviously be again a win-win situation, whereby our Region would offer expertise and gain public exposure and experience over a wide array of societal needs.

In order to materialize the above I intend to work closely with the other Governors to formulate a program of associated well-defined activities to be pursued for implementation.

ASCE Elections

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