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Darren A. Hippenstiel, P.E., M.ASCE

Darren A. Hippenstiel

Darren A. Hippenstiel, P.E., M.ASCE

Region 8 Governor-Elect 

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Vision Statement

“Civil engineers are global leaders building a better quality of life.”

This is the vision of the American Society of Civil Engineers. For centuries civil engineers have been the experts that figure how to solve the complicated problems of civilization. Whether developing new technologies for clean drinking water, building the mass transit systems of tomorrow, engineering tall skyscrapers, or digging the deepest tunnels, civil engineers are critical to accomplishing these feats. Evermore they must do this in a context sensitive way that provides a better quality of life to the citizens of the world.

I believe being a global leader isn’t about the size, type, complexity and visibility of the projects we work on but rather how we represent our profession as the experts and stewards of civil infrastructure. It means being open to change and not just doing things the way it has always been done. It means thinking outside the box to develop and implement sustainable solutions that benefit the community. It means engaging with the generations before us to learn and build on their experience and passing our knowledge on to the civil engineers of tomorrow to continue the evolution of learning and technology innovation. Finally, being a global leader means being engaged as a civil engineering expert in our communities, volunteering on community boards, mentoring at local schools, and engaging with local leaders.

My vision is of an ASCE where all of its members value the experience and perspective that each generation brings to bear, who are engaged in the community as the “experts” and are the stewards of civil infrastructure. As your region governor this is what I will bring to the board. It is how I approached my tenure as a Past-President of the Oregon Section and my current tenure on the City of Gresham planning commission. It’s why I mentor students of all ages in STEM and why I have reached out to local leaders in my community as a resource for civil infrastructure issues. As your region governor I will represent you and be an engaged and visible link between the Sections and Society by being present, visiting local Sections, being responsive to Section needs and being an engaged community member. Working together we can all make a difference locally, which is to be global leaders building a better quality of life.

Biographical Statement 

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