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F. Jay Burress, P.E., M.ASCE - Vision Statement

Burress, F. Jay

F. Jay Burress, P.E., M.ASCE

Region 7 Director-Elect

Biographical Statement

Vision Statement 

The upcoming three years promise to be a critical era for ASCE, both internally and externally. I believe I bring a perspective and level of experience to well-represent Region 7 as its director during this time.

Internally, the highest levels of society leadership will be transitioning, which will affect the strategic direction and fiscal health of the society for years far beyond the three year term for which I am a candidate.

Externally, the society is making unprecedented inroads on Capitol Hill, as well as within the consciousness of the general public. ASCE needs to continue representing itself as the go-to resource for infrastructure-related information and concerns on every level, from Washington down through the state houses and into local government. The environment and sustainability demand our unflinching support as the long-term philosophy for our country and planet. That being said, the competition for tax revenues has never been more challenging. ASCE needs to be an advocate for spending on infrastructure now- and in the future.

My vision is to support and advocate on the side of issues to achieve those ends. I have spent 5 years as a Region 7 Governor, during which I have been exposed to-and concerned with- the viewpoints and concerns of our entire Region 7. I have also spent 3 years serving on the Society-level finance committee, which has enabled me to gain an appreciation and understanding of how the Society’s cash-flow worked during the difficult economic period since 2008. As director, my job will be to represent Region 7, and its views, but also to inform and educate the current regional governors so they can disseminate society information, and finally to mentor an excellent candidate who will be able and ready to replace me at the end of the term.

ASCE Elections

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