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J.P. Mohsen, Ph.D., M.ASCE

J.P. Mohsen 

J.P. Mohsen, Ph.D., M.ASCE

Region 4 Director Nominee

Biographical Statement 

Vision Statement: 

I have been active in ASCE for over 30 years. I consider it a privilege and indeed an honor to have been nominated for the position of Region Director to serve on the ASCE Board of Direction. Region Directors play an extremely important role serving as the liaison between the BOD and the regional governing body of ASCE. In the past, during the years that I served as ASCE student chapter advisor and participated in ASCE local branch activities, it always appeared as if no effective connection existed between the national organization and the local branches. As a current Region 4 Governor, I have diligently worked towards creating a positive communication channel between the section, branches, student chapters and the national ASCE organization within the commonwealth of Kentucky.

I seek to serve on the Board as Region 4 Director, because it will provide me with the opportunity to expand my commitment to this open communication between the national organization and the local entities. I would create and support initiatives that would effectively align and connect the national goals of the society with those of local sections and branches. ASCE is a great organization with an excellent global reputation.

Many civil engineers across the globe desire membership and access to ASCE products and services. I see the areas of opportunity to be in the growth of the membership base including the international members. I see opportunity in expanding and improving the level of services offered to the general membership.

ASCE has been doing an excellent job of providing technical information that is current to the CE community. This has been in the form of refereed journal articles, technical specialty conferences, and monograms produced by technical committees. I would support expansion of such technical literature to address contemporary issues including but not limited to context sensitive design and sustainable construction approaches. This can be achieved through the expanded and focused efforts of the Institutes as well as other technical committees.

Technical information is also being provided by the continuing education seminars and webinars including a series of review sessions for the PE Civil, Environmental, and Structures exams. I would support the expansion of the continuing education products offered by ASCE to provide cost effective opportunities for life-long learning while maintaining the highest possible level of quality.

I would promote expanding the resource base for the ASCE sections and branches to develop and update the Infrastructure Report Cards for various regions of the United States. I would support the expansion of the Fly-In program in order to strengthen the connection between the civil engineering community and the decision makers in Washington.

During the last thirty years, I have benefitted a great deal both professionally and personally through my association with ASCE throughout my career. I have benefitted so much from what ASCE represents and for which it stands. I, therefore, find it to be my duty and responsibility to seek to serve at the highest level. I will strive to make ASCE continue to provide the same level of service, support and influence on the lives and careers of young civil engineers starting out their careers today that ASCE did for me as I began my career many years ago. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be on the ballot and ask for your vote of support.

Biographical Statement