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Kenneth B. Morris, P.E., PTOE, M.ASCE - Vision Statement

Morris, Kenneth B.

Kenneth B. Morris, P.E., PTOE, M.ASCE

Region 6 Director-Elect  

Biographical Statement

Vision Statement 

Over the past 20 years, ASCE has changed significantly to keep up with technology, design practices and education. These important issues are being addressed at the national level. As Region 6 Director, I will continue to emphasize and support ASCE’s national effort on Infrastructure, Sustainable Design and Raising the Bar. As a board member, I hope to contribute and share efforts made in Region 6 to sustain membership and encourage members to be involved with ASCE locally and nationally. I will challenge members to attend the Legislative Fly-In, Multi-Regional Leadership Conference and ASCE professional training in an effort to become well rounded professionals with a complete understanding of local and national issues.

As Region 6 Director, I will continue to encourage the Region 6 Board of Governors to participate in Section and Branch activities and serve as a bridge between the Headquarters, Sections and Branches. Over the past two years, our Region 6 Board of Governors has attended several Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma Section meetings in addition to many Branch meetings throughout the region. It has been very helpful for the Board of Governors to interact with Section officers at their board meetings and to discuss a variety of issues. Since we have many Student Chapters within the region, we encourage students to take an active role in their Chapter and Branch and to continue their membership in ASCE after graduation. I believe that ASCE membership will continue to grow and that Younger Members are willing and able to fill those leadership rolls when called upon to serve. It has been a great experience to serve as your Region 6 Governor and I will work even harder as your Region 6 Director.

ASCE Elections

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