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Tony C.G. Lau, P.E., F.ASCE - Vision Statement

Lau, Tony Chung-Gem

Tony C.G. Lau, P.E., F.ASCE

Region 8 Governor Official Nominee

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Vision Statement 

Regional Governors are the communication link between the Society leadership and the members at the local Section and Branch level. Governors convey the Society’s Strategic Plan from the Board of Direction to the Section and Branch Leaders and express concerns of the local membership to the Society leaders.

If elected as Region 8 Governor, three issues that I will champion are promotion of the civil engineering profession to future generations, retention of student members in the Society and development of Society leaders.

A few years ago, enrollment in civil engineering programs reached a low point. Our profession cannot continue with this trend. The future of our profession is dependent on an increase of our youth becoming interested in math, science and engineering.

The percentage of student chapter members that continue their ASCE membership once they begin their engineering career is less than 33 percent. For our Society to flourish and grow, we must emphasize the value and benefits of continued ASCE membership to our student members, the future leaders of our profession and our organization.

Persuading ASCE members to volunteer for leadership positions within our Sections and Branches can be a difficult task. We need to provide direction for those that sacrifice their personal time to volunteer as Society leaders. Providing guidance will make their service easier and increase their development into successful leaders in our Society and profession.

There are successful best practices within ASCE Regions, Sections and Branches established for these three issues and others. We just need to compile them and work with our Sections and Branches to modify them to fit the needs of specific Sections and Branches. My broad and diverse experience within ASCE at the local and national levels and the relationships that I have developed with fellow ASCE members and staff will assist the Region 8 Board of Governors in reaching their goals on these three issues. I have a strong work ethic and a reputation for getting things done correctly and in a timely manner. It would be an honor to serve Region 8 and the ASCE membership as a Region 8 Governor.

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