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Governance and Leadership

Governing Documents

  • ASCE Strategy Management 
    To stay on top of the issues facing civil engineers and the civil engineering profession, and to set priorities for action, ASCE makes use of an ongoing strategy management process

Annual Reports

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  • Executive Summary
  • Financial Statement
  • Infrastructure
  • Programs and Activities
  • Sustainability
  • Raise the Bar

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    Official Register

    The Official Register is published annually to provide ready access to governing documents, statistics, and general information about ASCE for leadership, members, and staff.

    Strategic Initiatives

    To achieve its vision for civil engineering, ASCE has established these strategic priorities:

    Propose practical solutions to improve America's neglected infrastructure.

    Raise the bar 
    Establish educational and legal standards necessary to prepare professional engineers to address the future's most pressing challenges.

    Embrace civil engineers' role as contributors to a sustainable world.