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Materials Sharing and Data Availability

Recognizing that science and engineering are best served when data are made available during the review and discussion of manuscripts and journal articles, and to allow others to replicate and build on work published in ASCE journals, all reasonable requests by reviewers for materials, data, and associated protocols must be fulfilled. ASCE must be informed of any restrictions on sharing of materials (Materials Transfer Agreements or patents, for example) applying to materials used in the reported research. Any such restrictions should be indicated in the cover letter at the time of submission, and each individual author will be asked to reaffirm this at the time the final version of the manuscript is submitted. The nature of the restrictions should be noted in the paper. Data not shown and personal communications cannot be used to support claims in the work. Authors are encouraged to use Supplemental Data to show all necessary data. Unreasonable restrictions may preclude publication.  

What is Rightslink®?

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Rightslink®, the online permission service, enables customers to license content on demand by connecting to document records in the Civil Engineering Database, the ASCE Library, and the Bookstore.

Watch the video to learn how it works.