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When page proofs are ready, authors are e-mailed a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) where proofs will be posted in Portable Document File (PDF) format. Authors must download page proofs.

IMPORTANT: The page proofs may include queries for the author. Authors must review these items and answer all questions on the page proofs. Instructions are provided on the proof download page for how changes (typographical or errors in fact only) should be returned to the compositor. The following changes will not be made at the page proof stage:

  • Adding authors to the byline;
  • Removing authors from the byline;
  • Changing the order of the authors in the byline;
  • Adding new figures and tables;
  • Making changes that are contrary to the ASCE house style;
  • Changing CE Database subject headings; and
  • Adding large portions of text (adding large blocks of text will require the paper to be pulled from the issue and sent back to the editor of the journal for review).

Page Proofs Charges/Reprints

To avoid costly changes on page proofs, authors are asked to very carefully review the final manuscript they send to ASCE for publication. Excessive author alterations at the proof stage will be billed to authors and could possibly require the manuscript to be bumped from the issue. These excessive alterations by authors at this stage are distinct from typesetting errors, which remain the responsibility of the typesetter.

Reprints can be ordered at any time through the web form.

Publication Procedures

Publishing Queue
When final revised manuscripts of accepted papers are received from authors, they are scheduled for publication as they arrive at ASCE. An editor may depart from this order and select papers, out of those ready to be published, for a forthcoming issue.

ASCE Production staff is responsible for matters of ASCE style and for quality of printing. Manuscripts are copyedited for ASCE style and usage, grammar, punctuation, etc. Copy editors send authors copies of the copyedited proof, along with a query letter containing questions on possible errors, inconsistencies, or missing information. Copy editors do not edit, i.e., rewrite or change, the technical content of a paper. Sometimes, however, suggestions for smoother or clearer usage are made.

Typeset proofs of all papers are provided to authors electronically for proofreading prior to publication.