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Civil engineers may submit manuscripts or other material for publication in Civil Engineering magazine. Civil Engineering Authors is the place to find submission guidelines and forms.The annual Transactions of ASCE includes memoirs of deceased ASCE members. Memoirs for ASCE Transactions has complete information for submitting a memoir.

Before ASCE publishes any materials, the copyright ownership must be clear and, except in a few cases, transferred to ASCE. Copyright & ASCE explains what authors need to know when they publish with ASCE.

As a reputable publisher of scientific and technical material, ASCE respects the copyright ownership of other publishers. Permissions Requirements for Publishing with ASCE describes an author’s responsibilities for obtaining permission to use the work of others; it also contains tips and samples to make the task easier for authors to manage

To further the exchange of scientific and technical material, ASCE simplifies the process of obtaining permission for ASCE-copyrighted materials to be used in other publications. Permission Requests to Use ASCE Materials makes getting permission fast and easy!

Authors can purchase additional copies of their articles in ASCE proceedings, journals and practice periodicals, and Civil Engineering magazine through ASCE’s Reprints service.