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Civil What?!

Civil Engineering is an exciting job held by people who have been trained to find creative solutions to some of the world’s most basic challenges. Building skyscrapers, bridges and dams, designing safe and efficient transportation systems, ensuring clean, fresh drinking water – all are the work of civil engineers!

Do you know what it takes to be a civil engineer? Yes, it takes determination and hard work, but engineers are also are known for:

  • Inventing, designing, and creating things that matter
  • Making a difference in the world
  • Working with teams of smart, inspiring people
  • Loving their work and living their life too!  

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Want to play games, meet interesting people and learn more about Civil Engineering all at the same time?  Visit ASCEville - the place for kids to discover what makes civil engineers so great! 




 Are you in high school?  Think engineering might be in your future? Then Go Civil! is the place for you.  Learn how civil engineering is a part of our everyday life.  Meet engineers who are making a difference and who are having fun in college applying what they're learning about engineering.