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Know a young person who’s interested in learning more about engineering?  Wondering about activities and resources that will help kids make connections between the math and science they learn in school and the things they see in everyday life?  Civil engineering is a great place to start!   

ASCE is dedicated to supporting parents and teachers as you introduce youth to potential careers and learning opportunities in civil engineering.  Whether directing an individual child’s budding interest, or  working with large groups of students, ASCE’s activities, resources and links will put you on the right path to seeing what civil engineering is all about. 

Find local events and discover engineering!

ASCE has a full line of informal engineering educational outreach resources for use at home or in school. 

Fun activities to try with kids 

Contests for students  

Know what it takes to become an engineer?  Help students get on track and stay on the track to making engineering a potential educational and career option.  

Academic and career guidance  

Find accredited programs  

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