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Beach Nourishment Engineering and Management Considerations

Beach Nourishment Engineering Considerations

Beach Nourishment Engineering and Management Considerations

Edited by Donald K. Stauble and Nicholas C. Kraus

1993 / 245 pp.

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Proceedings of Coastal Zone '93, the Eighth Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 19-23, 1993. Part of the Coastlines of the World series.

This collection contains papers that discuss engineering and management issues relating to beach management.

Topics include:

  • environmental considerations,engineering and science;
  • data gathering and monitoring;
  • legal, regulatory, and political aspects of coastal management;
  • planning, conservation, and development; and
  • public information and citizen participation.

This collection provides professionals, decisionmakers, and general public with a broad understanding of beaches and their maintenance.