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Computer Simulation of Earthquake Effects

Computer Simulation of Earthquake Effects

Computer Simulation of Earthquake Effects

Edited by Kandiah Arulanandan, A. Anandarajah, and Xiang Song Li

Geotechnical Special Publications (GSP) GSP 110

2000 / 216 pp.

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Proceedings of sessions of Geo-Denver 2000, held in Denver, Colorado, August 5-8, 2000. Sponsored by the Geo-Institute of ASCE.

This Geotechnical Special Publication contains nine papers presenting new techniques for predicting the liquefaction behavior of saturated sands during earthquakes. New techniques meriting serious consideration include shear wave velocity techniques, electrical methods, and ground penetrating radar, all of which have potential for providing new, reliable information. This volume also examines nondestructive site characterization and property evaluation, constitutive modeling and numerical procedures, and applications.

Topics include:

  • details on the use of an electrical technique for evaluating in situ properties;
  • the use of ground penetrating radar for predicting changes in soil density during soil liquefaction;
  • how shear wave velocities measured in situ are capable of predicting the liquefaction potential;
  • the constitutive modeling of flow liquefaction and cyclic mobility in detail;
  • soil-pile structure interaction in liquefiable soils; and
  • nondestructive electrical in situ site characterization to quantify the initial state parameters and constitutive model constants representative of the site for use in verified numerical procedures.