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Damage Mechanics and Continuum Modeling

Damage Mechanics and Continuum

Damage Mechanics and Continuum Modeling

Edited by Norris Stubbs and Dusan Krajcinovic

1985 / 136 pp.

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Proceedings of sessions of the ASCE National Convention, held in Detroit, Michigan, October 22, 1985. Sponsored by the Engineering Mechanics Division of ASCE.

This collection contains nine papers on modeling continuum damage mechanics. Historically, structural and mechanical engineers are conditioned to model a material in a purely phenomenological sense, with little or no regard to underlying physical phenomenon on the microscale. Only after numerous attempts to model the behavior of essentially brittle solids using the plasticity theory proved to be inadequate, the attention shifted to formulating a theory that focuses on the microcracking as a source of the material nonlinearity. This branch of  continuum mechanics became known as the continuum damage mechanics and attracted the attention of numerous investigators both in the United States and Europe. Four papers on continuum damage theory and effective moduli illustrate the developments and achievements in this field. Five papers on continuum modeling of discrete structures describe continuum modeling of periodic truss structures and discrete structures with geometric nonlinearities, the use of computer graphics in the analysis of large space structures, and damage detection in periodic structures.