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Journal of Management in Engineering - Award Winning Papers

Journal of Management in Engineering

25 Years of Award-Winning Papers

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2011
"Attitude-Based Negotiation Methodology for the Management of Construction Disputes"
Saied Yousefi, Keith W. Hipel, and Tarek Hegazy

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2010
"Emergence and Role of Cultural Boundary Spanners in Global Engineering Project Networks"
Melissa K. Di Marco, John E. Taylor, and Pauli Alin

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2009
“Early Contractor Involvement in Design and Its Impact on Construction Schedule Performance"
Lingguang Song, Yasser Mohamed, and Simaan M. AbouRizk

 Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2008
"Comparative Analysis of Owner Goals for Design/Build Projects”
Carla Lopez del Puerto, Douglas D. Gransberg, and Jennifer S. Shane

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2007
"Knowledge Management to Learning Organization Connection”
Paul Chinowsky and Patricia Carrillo

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2006
"Operations Management for Engineering Consulting Firms: A Case Study”
Linda L. Brennan

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2005
"Pricing Engineering Services”
Carrie S. Sturts Dossick and F. H. (Bud) Griffis

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2004

"Improved Design Review through Web Collaboration”
E. William East, Jeffrey G. Kirby, and Gonzalo Perez

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2003
"Conflicts between Owner and Contractors: Proposed Intervention Process”
Kathleen M. J. Harmon

 Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2002
"Guidelines for Warranty Contracting for Highway Construction"
Benjamin P. Thompson, Stuart D. Anderson, Jeffrey S. Russell, and Awad S. Hanna

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 2001
“Alignment During Pre-project Planning"
Andrew F. Griffith and G. E. Gibson, Jr.

Best Feature Article, 2000
"Leaving a Legacy”
Richard G. Weingardt

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 1999
"Project Management and Good Technical and Business Practices"
Demos C. Angelides

 Best Feature Article, 1998
"The Need to Learn, and Why Engineers May Be Poor Students”
Kim Cayes

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper, 1997
"Leadership: The World is Run by Those Who Show Up”
Richard G. Weingardt

Best Paper, 1992
"Nonmonetary Incentives: It can be done”
Gary W. Fischer and Norman P. Nunn

Best Paper, 1990
"Consulting Engineer’s View of Government Overhead and Audits”
Delon Hampton

Best Paper, 1989
"Managing a Branch Office”
John H. Robinson, Jr.

 Best Paper, 1988
"Organizational Culture: Implications for Management”
William F. Maloney

Best Paper, 1987
"Loss Prevention Safeguards Against Liability”
David W. Miller

 Editor’s Choice, 1986
"Making Managers of Engineers”
Dr. Peggy Morrison