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Terms and Conditions

A Terms and Conditions agreement describes the terms and conditions of a license to the licensee. ASCE Terms and Conditions are available for viewing during the order process. You may review the Terms and Conditions below, before placing an order. 

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The publisher for this copyrighted material is The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). By clicking "accept," you agree that the following terms and conditions apply to this transaction, along with the billing and payment terms and conditions established by Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) at the time that you opened your Rightslink® account. The terms and conditions information is available when you log in to Rightslink®. 

Refund Policy

All sales are final.   

One-Time Permission

Each license is unique, covering only the terms and conditions specified in it. Even if you have obtained a license for certain ASCE copyrighted content, you will need to obtain another license if you plan to reuse that content outside the terms of the existing license. For example: If you already have a license to reuse a figure in a journal, you still need a new license to use the same figure in a magazine. You need separate license for each edition. 

Credit Lines

A full credit line must be added to the material being reprinted. 

  • For reuse in non-ASCE publications, add the words "With permission from ASCE" to your source citation.  
  • For Intranet posting, add the following additional notice: "This material may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  

Online Coursepack

The site must be password protected and posted for the semester only.  

ASCE Magazines

Permissions granted only for text from Civil Engineering magazine and ASCE News. Permission to use figures, tables, charts, or images must be requested from the copyright owner as noted in the credit line. 

Materials Not Copyrighted by ASCE

ASCE authors frequently submit manuscripts for publication that include materials—especially illustrations—that come from non-ASCE sources. If you wish to publish these materials, you must locate the original copyright holders and obtain permission from them.  If the requested content is from a joint publication of ASCE with another publisher(s), you must determine whether ASCE or the other publisher(s) own the copyright and make your request to the copyright holder.Generally, the copyright holder is the publisher of the work.  For books, the copyright holder is usually identified on the page immediately following the title page. For journals, the copyright holder is usually identified in the front matter or on the first page of each article. 


The foregoing License shall not take effect unless and until ASCE or CCC receives the payment in accordance with the CCC Billing and Payment Terms and Conditions (including all payment provisions), which are incorporated herein by reference. Failure to fully comply with the terms of this License or the CCC Billing and Payment Terms and Conditions shall automatically render this License null and void.   

ASCE or CCC may, at any time, deny the permissions described in this License at their sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, with a full refund payable to you. Notice of such denial will be made using the contact information provided by you. Failure to receive such notice will not alter or invalidate the denial. In no event will ASCE or CCC be responsible or liable for any costs, expenses or damage incurred by you as a result of a denial of your permission request, other than a refund of the amount(s) paid by you to CCC for denied permissions.