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What is Digital Reprint

When you order Digital Reprints, Rightslink® e-mails you a link to a PDF of ASCE content. Rightslink® hosts the PDF; you post the link to it on your Web site. Rightslink® manages the process by hosting the electronic copy of the article at Copyright Clearance Center for the duration of time you select (six months or one year), generating a unique URL for you to post on your Web site, automating the renewal of the link, and expiring the link when the license expires. Digital Reprints include the standard ASCE header and other standard features shown in the original PDF.

PDFs are available for ASCE journals (1990-present) and conference proceeding papers (2000-present). An embargo of three months from publication date is imposed on all new publications.

After locating the content either in Civil Engineering Database or the ASCE Research Library, click the "Permission for reuse" link, which will open the welcome page.

Instructions for Ordering Digital Reprints

  • Select Digital Reprint from the options drop-down.
  • Enter the duration: 6 months or 1 year that you would like to post the link to the Digital Reprint.
  • Click the Quick Price button to obtain a price estimate before placing your order.
  • Enter the URL of the Web site where you will post the link to the Digital Reprint.
  • Click the Place Order button to begin the order process; you will not be charged at this time.
  • Set up an account or confirm/edit account information if you have not yet logged in; confirm your order; and accept the preview and the terms and conditions.
  • Click the Accept button to place your order.

Order confirmations will be e-mailed to you as follows:

  • immediately: order confirmation (with order details and the digital reprint link)
  • two weeks before link expiration: renewal offer