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Obtaining Permissions (Compliance)

ASCE respects the copyright ownership of other publishers and requires ASCE authors to obtain permission to reproduce any material that they did not create themselves or has previously been published. Each author has a responsibility to identify materials that require permission and to obtain permission from the copyright owner.

  • Authors publishing with ASCE (other than Civil Engineering magazine) are required to submit written documentation of the permission that they have received from the copyright owner.
  • For committee reports, manuals of practice, standards, TCLEE reports, papers submitted to ASCE proceedings volumes, and all ASCE Press books, authors must include a signed Permission Verification Form with their manuscripts. They may also be required to submit an Illustration and Permissions Inventory form.

ASCE Publications provides detailed information on this Web site to help authors comply with ASCE's permissions requirements and manage the task of obtaining permissions efficiently.

Compliance Help for ASCE Authors