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Permission Request Letters

Written requests for permission may be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail. Sample forms for requesting permission to republish material in an ASCE publication are available as a Word document or PDF file.

The essential information to include in a good permission request letter includes all of the following items. 

  • Date of request
  • Contact information for the copyright owner, including name and title of an individual, if available; company name; address; telephone and fax numbers; and e-mail address
  • Contact information for yourself, including name, title and department, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address
  • Publication information: the name of your publisher; name of the journal or book, name of the article or chapter, and anticipated publication date
  • A paragraph with the permission request, including permission for all print and electronic media
  • Correct bibliographic information about the source of the material that you wish to reproduce, including the following, as appropriate: journal name or book title, names of authors or editors of books, article or chapter title, name of authors of article or chapter, volume and number for journal articles, exact page span for text requests, and exact number and page for figure and table requests
  • A paragraph signifying the copyright owner’s consent, followed by a signature block that includes space for a signature, for the signer’s name, and for the date
  • Space for the copyright owner to note preferences for crediting

In addition, it is helpful to note where in your manuscript the reproduced material will appear; for instance, the chapter that will contain the reproduced text or the new figure or table number for the reproduced figure or table.

If the copyright owner requests a copy of your publication, be sure you know to whom you must send it. You are responsible for sending a copy of the publication.

Some copyright owners may ask for additional information about where the material is going to be reproduced, so be prepared to answer questions about the media (print, Internet, CD, etc.); the number of copies being produced; the number of subscribers and frequency of publication (for journals); and a snapshot of the target audience.