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Edited by David C. Esch
2004 / Digital
This TCCRE Monograph contains 13 papers presenting the latest in design theory and engineering practice for analyzing, constructing, and monitoring foundation soils affected by permafrost.
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Edited by Kelly S. Merrill

This collection contains 92 papers presented at the 11th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, held in Anchorage, Alaska, May 20-22, 2002.

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American Society of Civil Engineers
2001 / Soft Cover / Digital
Standard ASCE/SEI 32-01 addresses the design and construction of frost-protected shallow foundations in areas subject to seasonal ground freezing.
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Edited by Jon E. Zufelt

This collection contains more than 80 papers presents at the 10th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, held in Lincoln, New Hampshire, August 16-19, 1999.

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Edited by David E. Newcomb, P.E.

This collection contains more than 70 papers presented at the Ninth International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, held in Duluth, Minnesota, September 27-30, 1998.

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Edited by Chia K. Tan
GSP 73 contains four papers presented at a session on foundations and substructures in cold regions at the ASCE National Convention, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 5-8, 1997.
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Dean R. Freitag, P.E.; Terry T. McFadden, P.E.
1997 / Hard Cover / Digital
Freitag and McFadden introduce the special principles and practices needed for successful design and construction in cold environments.
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Edited by Daniel W. Smith
1996 / Soft Cover / Digital
This volume introduces the basic principles of cold region environmental engineering as they relate to the delivery of water, the removal of liquid and solid wastes, and the provision of power.
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