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Edited by Paul A. Bosela, Norbert J. Delatte, and Kevin L. Rens
This collection contains 55 papers presented at the third Forensic Congress, held in San Diego, California, October 19-21, 2003.
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Edited by Paul E. Mlakar, P.E.; Donald O. Dusenberry, P.E.; James R. Harris, P.E.; Gerald Haynes, P.E.; Long T. Phan, P.E.; and Mete A. Sozen, P.E.
2003 / Soft Cover / Digital
This report presents the significant findings of a building performance team that investigated the structural damage sustained by the Pentagon after an airplane was crashed into it on September 11, 2001.
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Edited by Craig Taylor and Erik VanMarcke

TCLEE Monograph 21 provides engineers and decision-makers with tools to help them better understand acceptable risk processes and then develop risk reduction strategies and implement mitigation actions.


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Richard Scott
2001 / Soft Cover / Digital

Richard Scott provides the first comprehensive treatment of the changes that the 1940 collapse of the frist  Tacoma Narrows Bridge has imposed on the design of suspension bridges.

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Edited by Reidar Bjorhovde, Michael F. Engestrom, Larry G. Griffis, Larry A. Kloiber, and James O. Malley
This report describes the properties of steel and the criteria used to select appropriate steels to serve the intended needs.
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Edited by Kevin L. Rens, P.E.; Oswald Rendon-Herrero; and Paul A. Bosela
This collection contains papers presented at the second Forensic Congress, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 21-23, 2000.
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American Society of Civil Engineers
2000 / Digital
Standard ASCE/SEI 30-00 provides a guideline and methodology for assessing the condition and performance of existing building envelope systems and components
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American Society of Civil Engineers
2000 / Soft Cover / Digital
Standard ASCE/SEI 11-99 establishes guidelines for assessing the structural condition of existing buildings constructed of various combinations of materials.
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Task Committee on Structural Design for Physical Security
This report provides guidance to structural engineers in the design of civil structures to resist the effects of terrorist bombings.
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Edited by David H. Nicastro, P.E.
1997 / Soft Cover / Digital
David Nicastro examines various types of failure mechanisms, including their causes and identifying characteristics, and provides a comprehensive collection of case histories.
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