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Edited by Nicholas C. Kraus

This collection contains 15 papers on the history of coastal engineering from the 25th International Coastal Engineering Conference, held in Orlando, Florida, September 1996. 

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Harry Thayer
1996 / Soft Cover / Digital
Combining in-depth research with first-hand interviews of key participants in the project, Thayer engagingly recounts an important aspect of America's race to develop atomic weapons.
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Eric DeLony
1993 / Hard Cover / Digital
Eric DeLony's selection of bridge images from the HAER collection is a visual feast documenting U.S. progress and illustrating the history of bridge building, transportation, and engineering.
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Lee H. Nelson
1990 / Soft Cover / Digital
Lee Nelson narrates the structural evolution in bridge design that culminated with the "Colossus" of Philadelphia, a 340 ft, clear span wooden bridge designed and built by Lewis Wernwag in 1812.
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American Society of Civil Engineers

This special edition celebrating ASCE's 125th anniversary contains articles reprinted from Civil Engineering magazine.

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