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Edited by Nader Ghafoori

This collection contains five papers discussing the repair of deteriorated or damaged concrete structures presented at a session at the ASCE National Convention, held in Dallas, Texas, October 24-28, 1993.

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Edited by B. Kent Lall and Daniel L. Jones Jr.

This collection contains 30 papers exploring public-private partnerships presented at a specialty conference, Major Development and Transportation Projects: Public-Private Partnerships, held in Boston, Massachusetts, June 28-30, 1990.

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1986 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 49 discusses planning for maintenance an expansion of the nation's infrastructure
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Edited by Edward A. Kippel

This proceedings reports on a workshop on infrastructure research needs, held in Airlie, Virginia, April 24-26, 1984.

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Matthys Levy (Author), Richard Panchyk (Author)

How does a city obtain water, gas, and electricity, Where do these services come from, How are they transported; The answer is infrastructure, or the inner, and sometimes invisible, workings of the city. Roads, Railroads, bridges, telephone wires, and power lines are visible infrastructure; sewers, plumbing pipes, wire

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