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Edited by Jerome S. B. Iffland

This collection contains 78 papers on steel structures presented at sessions at Structures Congress ‘89, held in San Francisco, California, May 1-5, 1989.

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Edited by C. Dale Buckner and Ivan M. Viest

This collection contains 63 papers presented at the First International Conference on Composite Construction, held in Henniker, New Hampshire, June 7-12, 1987.

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Reinforced Concrete Research Council
This collection contains 13 papers reporting the results of a series of studies on the behavior of long reinforced concrete columns in frames.
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Edited by Charles W. Roeder

This collection contains 31 papers on composite or mixed structural systems presented at the U.S./Japan Joint Seminar, held in Seattle, Washington, July 18-20, 1984.

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Edited by Subhash C. Anand

This collection contains seven paper on analysis of structural masonry presented at a session of Structures Congress ’85, held in Chicago, Illinois, September 16-18, 1985.

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1985 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 66 presents information for structural engineers regarding the selection of the proper material or combination of materials that will provide those properties upon which design assumptions and calculations are based.
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