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Norbert J. Delatte, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.
2009 / Soft Cover / Digital
Norbert Delatte presents the circumstances of important failures that have had far-reaching impacts on civil engineering practice, organized around topics in the engineering curriculum.
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2009 / DVD

The film ETHICANA™ offers a dramatization of corruption in global engineering and construction industry.

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James R. Mihelcic, Ph.D.; Lauren M. Fry; Elizabeth A. Myre; Linda D. Phillips, P.E.; and Brian Barkdoll, Ph.D., P.E.
2009 / Soft Cover / Digital

In this complete handbook for international engineering service projects, James Mihelcic and his coauthors provide the tools necessary to implement the right technology in developing regions around the world.

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Edited by Margaret E. Layne, P.E.
2009 / Soft Cover
Margaret Layne illuminates the professional lives of today's women engineers through articles, lectures, reports, and essays dating back to the 1920s.
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F. Mary Williams and Carolyn J. Emerson
2008 / Soft Cover Spiral Binding / Digital

Williams and Emerson consulted the best research on a wide range of topics of interest to women in different stages of their careers and present important, timely information alongside practical tips.

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American Society of Civil Engineers
2008 / Soft Cover

This report focuses on outcomes of proposed changes in the way civil engineering is taught and learned, including the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for entry into professional practice.

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Sybil Hatch
2008 / Digital

This guide provides practical, hands-on suggestions to foster, improve, and maintain a diverse and thriving workforce within the civil engineering profession.

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Edited by William H. McAnally, Ph.D., P.E.
2008 / Soft Cover / Digital

MOP 116 presents engineering criteria and practices for the design, operation, and management of navigation projects and shows how to integrate them with engineering ethics.

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Brian Brenner, P.E.
2007 / Soft Cover / Digital

Brian Brenner's entertaining collection of essays displays his distinctive combination of quirky humor and engineering "right stuff."

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Heather Silyn-Roberts, Ph.D.
2005 / Soft Cover / Digital

Heather Silyn-Roberts provides practical, comprehensive advice on best practice for professional engineering communications that convey information to readers accurately and simply.

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