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April 2014
Modernized Manchester Central Library Reopens
With a grand reopening last month, the United Kingdom’s city of Manchester has launched its three-quarter-century old, reimagined Central Public Library.
Researchers Work to Create ‘Seismic Cloaks’
An investigation is under way to determine if properly placed bore holes can shield sensitive buildings from elastic surface waves during an earthquake.
New Terminal Focuses on Nascent Wind Industry
The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal is being built to exceptionally robust standards to meet the needs of offshore wind energy installations.
Asymmetrical Bridge Joins Lyon’s River Rhône
A slender, asymmetrical pedestrian bridge now crosses the River Rhône in the city of Lyon, France.
Construction of Manhattan Rail Platform Begins
Construction has begun on a 10-acre platform that will be located atop an active rail yard in the New York City borough of Manhattan.
Scottish Building Influenced By Acclaimed Neighbor
Challenged with constructing a new building opposite one of the Scotland’s most cherished structures, designers opt for ‘complementary contrast.’
FHWA Publishes Proposed Safety Rules
A notice of public rulemaking focuses on implementation of the performance management requirements for the Highway Safety Improvement Program.
Dallas’s Central Waterway is Reinvented
A design competition imagines a vibrant mix of urban districts and landscaped spaces for the banks of the Trinity River.
Wooden Tower Incorporates Traditional Design
A seven-story wooden tower that contains no metal fasteners or nails and is based on a traditional Korean design has won a skyscraper design competition.
Observation Platform Offers Different View of Chicago
A new observation platform on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center, in Chicago, will incline outward 30 degrees to provide visitors with unprecedented downward views of the city.
Earthquake Validates Early-Warning System
Researchers are ready to create a production prototype of an earthquake early-warning system that has proved itself on the West Coast.
Laboratory Focuses on Transparent Science
A new energy lab manages vibrations to facilitate experiments and fosters collaboration to improve results.
Climate Report Calls for Engineering Solutions
The IPCC’s Working Group II examines the impacts of climate change already observed around the world and the need for effective engineered adaptations.
Transportation Hub Back on Track in the Netherlands
Following years of delays, the last component of a new multimodal transportation terminal, in Arnhem, the Netherlands, is now under construction.
March 2014
Floating Canopy Defines Morocco HSR Station
A design defined by a lacy “floating” canopy has been selected for the new high-speed rail station in Kenitra, Morocco.
Next Generation Telescope Sited on Hawai’ian Volcano
Construction is expected to begin this year on the Thirty Meter Telescope, which will be located within the Mauna Kea Science Preserve on the island of Hawai’i.
Austin Building Library Of the Future
The eclectic city in Texas moves forward with a new central library that embraces an expanded community role in a digital future.
Climate Change to Cause More Extreme Weather
The earth’s changing climate will impact the frequency and strength of extreme weather events in the coming years, according to a new state-of-the-field report.
International Team Develops Real-time Structural Sensors
Teams in Iowa and Italy collaborate to develop two different sensor technologies that will enable real time monitoring of large, complex structures.
San Diego Courthouse Designed to Survive
Engineers use advanced design methods to meet enhanced seismic performance requirements for a new 389 ft tall courthouse in downtown San Diego.
Los Angeles Inventories Vulnerable Structures
A multifaceted project in Los Angeles seeks to assess the performance of older concrete buildings in earthquakes and develop an accurate inventory of structures that remain vulnerable.
A Room with a View and a Breeze
The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital under construction in Singapore features an innovative design to increase natural ventilation and abundant plants to bolster healing.
Offshore Turbines Temper Hurricane Winds
A computer simulation has shown that enormous offshore wind arrays can temper the wind speeds and wave heights of hurricanes.
Work on Marieholms Tunnel Begins
A new $500-million project will provide better access across the Göta Älv River in Sweden’s second largest city.
Recycled Water Improves Energy Efficiency
A new addition to Denver’s nature and science museum deploys a novel heating system.
“iSTEM” Report Integrates Learning
A new National Academy of Engineering report explores the potential benefits and challenges of integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning in K-12 classrooms.
Protecting Paper from the Light
A thin steel roof helps modulate light at new museum in Houston that celebrates drawings as art forms.
Researchers Examine Novel Desalination Method
Researchers at MIT’s Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy are developing a new approach that combines the best elements of thermal and reverse osmosis processes.
Engineers Working to Save Rare Corvettes
A team of engineers is working diligently to secure a large sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum and raise the final three cars from the bottom.
U.K. Electrifying Northern Rail Infrastructure
The United Kingdom’s major five-year program to electrify rail lines in the North of England is in full swing.
Technique Predicts River Network Migration
A measurement technique developed by researchers in Massachusetts and Switzerland makes it possible to map a river network’s past migration and future movement.
Yosemite Waterway Restoration Plan Approved
The Final Merced River Plan will restore areas of Yosemite National Park to a natural state while better meeting the infrastructure needs of a growing visitor population.
Student Engineers Find Real-world Solutions
At University College London, civil and structural engineering students are given real-world engineering challenges to teach design-based learning.
Cube-Shaped Building Bisected by Sculptural Void
Zaha Hadid Architects turns plan for a set of traditional office towers into a stunning architectural destination.
Publication Ranks Top Engineering Grad Schools
<span style="FONT-STYLE: normal">U.S News &amp; World Report</span>’s annual list of engineering programs that award doctorate degrees is a who’s who of well-respected institutions.
Museum for Mayan Artifacts Designed to Draw Tourists
Guatemala City hopes to draw both expatriated artifacts and tourists who want to view them with a new museum that will reflect the imagery of ancient Mayan temples.
School for Visual Arts Offers Visual Appeal
Comprising two long, stacked volumes that are turned with respect to one another, the new school of visual arts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham keeps gallery space and educational facilities distinct—but connected.
Exposed Structure Defines Design Center in Mexico
The new home of a design center that will be located in Mexico City highlights the concrete “exoskeleton” of its structural systems, playing with angle and space in the process.
Chicago Multimodal Terminal Crosses Major Highway
The Chicago Transit Authority will soon begin a complex phased project to replace the important 95th Street Terminal on the city’s south side, building it above a busy freeway.
Auckland Ring Road Dives Underground
The Waterview Connection, the last link in a ring road around Auckland, New Zealand, has begun tunnel-boring operations that will reach depths of 45 m.
Research Examines Effects of Cool Roofs
A research team finds that a wide-scale deployment of green and cool roofs could combat the heat island effect in urban areas and might even alter precipitation levels.
Site Size, Zoning Influence Tower Design
A new 748 ft tall twisting tower accommodates two hotels—one on top of another—in New York City’s crowded theater district.
Baylor University Stadium Makes a Campus Connection
McLane Stadium’s horseshoe shape will tie in visually with the rest of the Baylor University campus across the Brazos River, in Waco, Texas. Pedestrian bridges will provide the physical connection.
Work Begins on U.K. Biomass Gasification Plant
A new facility will power 17,000 homes and be fueled entirely with discarded wood products that were formerly placed in landfills.
Small Bridge to Make Big Impact
Manchester, England, plans to build the first network arch bridge to be used on a rail line in the United Kingdom as part of its plan to significantly upgrade the rail system in Northern England.
Sacramento Kings Arena Will Assimilate with City
Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, a new arena is designed to enliven the surrounding cityscape and engage residents.
Power-Generating Lagoon Planned for Wales
A man-made lagoon fitted with a line of hydro turbines that can generate power as tidewaters flow past is planned for Swansea Bay, in Wales, United Kingdom.
Buildings to Bookend Notre Dame Stadium
Notre Dame will add classrooms and student recreation facilities to its campus without expanding its footprint by appending three new structures onto its highly regarded football stadium.
Illinois Tops List of States In New LEED Ranking
Nearly 60 percent of all the square footage in the United States that was certified in the LEED program in 2013 came from a small group of states.
Feburary 2014
Los Angeles Forum Achieves a Turnaround
Following years of disuse the venerable Los Angeles Forum has been given a new life with an upgraded roof structure and refinished interior. Its reopening was celebrated with a giant working turntable on its roof.
Investment in “Clean” Energy Rising
The investment in “clean” energy technologies is on the rise in emerging economies across the globe, according to a recent National Science Board study.
Calatrava Designs Campus, First Academic Building
The first academic building on a new university campus in Florida will be unlike any other in the world.
Angled Facade Boosts Energy Efficiency
The Federation of Korean Industries building, in Seoul, South Korea, features a high-performance curtain-wall system that deflects sunlight and generates energy.
Expansion Completed on One Of Two Problematic Tunnels
The CDOT is at the midpoint of a project to widen key twin tunnels on I-70 that have created a weekend bottleneck as motorists flock to the mountains for skiing and summer recreation.
Firms Take Growing Role in Civic Project Funding
Some design, engineering, and construction firms find that addressing public project funding early and creatively helps move them forward in the face of tight and uncertain budgets.
Sky “Streets” Connect Dual, Linked Towers
In Shenzhen, China, construction is under way on a vertical urban campus for Internet giant Tencent Holdings Limited.
Moscow Museum’s Cantilevers Dominate
A contemporary art museum in Moscow has been designed with a modern flair, featuring large cantilevered boxes and a shiny metal exterior.
Researchers to Tap Volcanoes for Energy
Researchers plan a second attempt to harness supercritical hydrous fluid from volcanic craters to drive steam turbines, generating electricity.
New Arena Design Reflects Las Vegas’s Milieu
A new arena near the Las Vegas Strip will feature a combination of cladding materials that are intended to connect the building with its surroundings.
Strong El Niños Predicted To Become More Common
Research indicates climate warming will double the occurrence of the destructive weather pattern known as El Niño in the future—but not the intensity of the events.
Johns Hopkins, MWH Formalize Research Alliance
A research alliance between the Center for Water and Health at Johns Hopkins University and the engineering firm MWH Global is intended to provide students with a broader outlook on issues related to water and engineering while enhancing the company’s existing research capacities.
Team Forecasts Costa Rican Earthquake
Analyzing GPS coordinates and geomorphic observations, a research team successfully identified the locked portion of a subduction zone in Costa Rica, forecasting the location and size of an earthquake.
Danish City Reclaims Harbor Site
The city of Aarhus, in Denmark, is redeveloping an industrial harbor site into a pedestrian-friendly area so that residents can reclaim the harbor as part of the city center.
Mexico Theater Complex Blends Interior, Exterior
Mexico’s Cineteca Nacional complex has been reinvented with an expansive steel- and glass-roofed plaza and an outdoor recreational and viewing area.
Viewing Tower to Redefine Miami Skyline
Constructing a 1,000 ft tall observation tower on a jetty in Biscayne Bay, in Miami, Florida, will present significant challenges, including hurricane-force winds.
New Halifax Library Puts a Twist on Design
Featuring more than a dozen cantilevers, a new library in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, brings contemporary design to a community steeped in history.
New Study Predicts Drought Ahead for Southern Europe
Significant drought conditions will develop across much of Europe before the end of the 21st century, brought on by a combination of climate change and man-made pressures on water supplies, according to new and unsettling research from the European Commission.
Big Business Prompts Traffic System Upgrade
A public high-speed wireless mesh network helped traffic engineers in Tennessee gain remote control over 200 signals as Volkswagen and Amazon set up shop in their city.
Dual Skating Rinks Grace Historic Brooklyn Park
Two connected ice skating rinks have been added to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The rinks’ low profiles and multiple possible uses pay respect to the park’s original landscape architects, Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.
Researchers Use Ocean Waves To Forecast Seismic Shaking
New research at Stanford University has capitalized upon the ambient seismic field—created by ocean waves as they strike the earth’s crust—to forecast potential earthquakes in the Los Angeles basin.
A Curved Walkway Highlights University’s Building Project
A project team overcomes a challenging site by integrating a bold pedestrian walkway into the design of a stunning new academic and research building at Northeastern University.
Modern House Features Tsunami Resiliency
When flood zone maps were redrawn, a simple remodeling project in Puget Sound shifted into the creation of a modern beach house designed to endure.
Tall Building Construction Increased Slightly in 2013
A new report shows that more tall buildings were completed in 2013 compared to 2012, indicating a return of the upward trend in skyscraper construction.
St. Louis Plans Advanced Scrubber Installation
Engineers work on a tight deadline to update sewage sludge incinerators to comply with new regulations that go into effect in March 2016.
Gleaming Tower to Join Milwaukee Skyline
The first major 21st-century addition to the Milwaukee skyline will be a new tower specifically built to house financial services giant Northwestern Mutual.
Los Angeles Revamps Mass Transit System
Once thought of as the most car-centric city in America, Los Angeles has been adding mass transit lines for years, and has plans for more. In the meantime one system—the Blue Line—will be upgraded with new rails, new and refurbished cars, and track and power line replacements.
Houston Significantly Expands Light-Rail
The city is more than tripling its light-rail system, concurrently building three new lines to connect business centers with residential neighborhoods.
January 2014
Yale Opens BIM-Designed, Transparent Campus Building
A curvy, glass-enclosed building designed by Sir Norman Foster opened this month on the Yale University campus, providing the first consolidated home for its School of Management.
California Highway Expansion Eases Commute
Expansion work along California State Highway 4, in eastern Contra Costa County, is improving one of the worst commutes in the United States.
Researchers Make Biocrude Oil from Algae
A new process extracts a greater amount of energy from algae than previously possible and show promise in producing an economically feasible alternative to fossil fuels.
Historic Preservation Marked Wins and Losses in 2013
The National Trust for Historic Preservation looks back on a year in which important historical structures and sites were saved—and lost.
Vietnam Hotel Recalls Blooming Lotus Flower
The 36-story tower will be located in close proximity to existing landmarks in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.
L.A. Passes “Cool Roof” Ordinance
In a bid to combat its urban “heat island effect,” the city of Los Angeles has passed an ordinance that requires all new or renovated residential structures to install solar reflective roofing.
Circular Building Rises In Southwestern China
An Italian architect defies conventional thought to design a landmark building along the bank of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China.
Investors Plan Las Vegas Extreme Sports Resort
A developer and an architect have imagined an active entertainment complex at which younger visitors can engage in such sports as skateboarding, motocross, rock climbing, and zip lining. If they build it, will the hipsters come?
Business School Design Combines Curves, Views
The winning design of a new school of business at Northwestern University features four curvilinear wings, each with its own unique views of Chicago and Lake Michigan, united by a central gathering space.
EPA Grants Support Innovative Research
The U.S. EPA’s P3 program marks its 10th year with 40 grants to support innovative research by promising university students.
Construction, Engineering Job Prospects to Grow
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its most recent domestic employment projections, which reveal that construction and civil engineering opportunities should expand by 2022.
Solar Array Planned for Staten Island Park
Before the end of his final term as mayor of New York City, Michael R. Bloomberg announced that the city’s largest solar array would be installed at Fresh Kills Park, on Staten Island.
London Bridge Designed Expressly to Hold Gardens
Engineers develop a design that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing to achieve a one-of-a-kind bridge.
Soccer Stadium’s Design Inspired by Iraqi Culture
Engineers use computer modeling to achieve the distinct facade of the new 65,000-seat soccer stadium in Basra, Iraq.
French Art Museum Extension Marries Old and New
An addition to the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain, in Orléans, France, takes a futuristic approach to design but required old-fashioned handiwork in its construction.
Florida Art Museum Master Plan Unveiled
The Norton Museum of Art, in West Palm Beach, Florida, has unveiled a master plan outlining its next 20 years of growth.
Role of Art in STEM Education Studied
The creativity and experimentation fostered by visual arts and music training can play an important role for students who pursue STEM careers.
Researchers Develop Virtual Walls for Oil
Seeking to control the flow of oil in inkjet printer heads, researchers developed a micropore surface that has potential applications in a variety of settings.
Rockefeller Foundation Cites 11 Most Resilient U.S. Cities
The Rockefeller Foundation has announced the first 33 of its list of the 100 most resilient cities in the world. Winners face a range of natural and man-made challenges; what unites them is their determinations to meet these challenges with strategies that will help them not just survive but thrive.
Spectacular Views Highlight CUMC School of Nursing
The glass-enclosed school will feature open meeting spaces, a rooftop terrace, and visible space for realistic simulations of medical practices.
KC Streetcar Line to Link Important Downtown Districts
A project team overcomes a dense urban environment to develop a new streetcar line through downtown Kansas City, Missouri.
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