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ASCE Calendar

Innovative Bicycle Facility Treatments - Online delete
Stream Restoreation - Proper Channel Sizing and the Significance for Future Channel Stability - Online delete
Dynamically Loaded Machine and Equipment Foundations - A Design Primer - Online delete
Constructability Based LRFD for Geotechnical Features Deep Foundations - Driven Piles - Online delete
Arid Lands Award -- Nominations Due delete
Chow Award-- Nominations Due delete
Distinguished Membership -- Nominations Due delete
Einstein Award -- Nominations Due delete
Freese Award & Lecture Nominations Due delete
Sight Distance - Online(7) delete
Tornado and High Wind Shelter Design - Online(3) delete
Geotextile Tubes for Erosion Control, Dewatering and Decontamination - Online(2) delete
Condition Evaluation of Existing Structures - Concrete and Steel - Online(5) delete
Navigation Engineering: Understanding the Basics - Online delete
Navigation Engineering: Understanding the Basics - Online(1) delete
Global Engineering Conference 2014 - Panama City, pa.country_code delete
Sustainable, Low Cost Shallow Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control Solutions - Online(1) delete
Renovation of Pre-Engineered Buildings - Online(6) delete
An Introduction to Sediment Transport Modeling Using HEC-RAS - Online(1) delete
Transit Signal Preemption and Priority Treatment - Online(1) delete
An Introduction to Value Engineering (VE) for Value Based Design Decision Making - Online(3) delete
Significant Changes to the Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7-10 and Coordination with the 2012 IBC and (2) delete
LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features: Deep Foundations: Lateral Analysis - Online delete
Construction Manager-General Contractor (CM-GC) Contracting in Transportation Infrastructure Programs - Online delete
Roofing Systems: A Primer for Engineers - Online(6) delete
Recent Revisions: ASTM E 1527: Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments - Online delete
Upcoming Revisions to the ASTM E 1527: Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment Process - Online delete
Earth-Retaining Structures: Selection, Design, Construction, and Inspection - Now in an LRFD Design Platform - Baltimore, MD delete
Pumping Systems Design for Civil Engineers - Chicago, IL(1) delete
Critical Aspects of Timing Traffic Signals to Maximize Road User Safety - Online(2) delete
Design Snow Loads for Complex Residential Roofs - Online(1) delete
Energy Piles: Background and Geotechnical Engineering Concepts - Online(3) delete
Condition Evaluation of Existing Structures: Masonry and Wood - Online delete
Speaking: How to Prepare and Deliver a Convincing Presentation - Online(3) delete
Prevent Accidents and Traffic Delays: Timing and Simulations to Success - Online delete
Deep Foundations: Design, Construction, and Quality Control - Phoenix, AZ delete
Design, Construction, and Renovation of Masonry Structures - Newly Updated for 2012 IBC and 2011 MSJC - Charlotte, NC delete
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings: An Overview of Changes to the New ASCE 41-13 - Online delete
Permeable Pavement: Design Considerations and Tips for Avoiding Failures - Online delete
Ethics: The Road All Engineers Must Follow - Online(8) delete
LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features: Design for Extreme Event Loading - Online delete
Stream Restoration - What Works and What Doesn't Work - Online delete
Design Snow Loads for Solar Paneled Roofs - Online delete
HEC-RAS Dam Breach Modeling: Level Pool Versus Dynamic Reservoir Routing - Online delete
Understanding Firewall Basics - Online(2) delete
Structural Renovation of Buildings-Newly Updated for 2012 IBCand IEBC - Oakland, CA delete
Wind Loads for Buildings and Other Structures - Portland, ME(1) delete
Traffic Impact Studies - Online(8) delete
Connection Solutions for Wood Framed Structures - Online(4) delete
Bartholomew Award -- Nominations Due delete
Bechtel Pipeline Award -- Nominations Due delete
Bechtel, Jr. Energy Award -- Nominations Due delete
Bickel Award -- Nominations Due delete
Biot Medal - Nominations Due delete