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Apr, 2014

Antiquated Structural Systems - Online(5) delete
Earthwork 101 - Online(2) delete
Evaluating Damage and Repairing Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses - Online(3) delete
Navigation Engineering - Understanding the Basics of This Growing Specialty - Online delete
Writing - How to Engage and Convince Your Readers - Online delete
Complying with the MUTCD - Traffic Signing for Horizontal Curves - Online delete
Earth-Retaining Structures: Selection, Design, Construction, and Inspection - Now in an LRFD Design Platform - Tucson, AZ delete
Wind Loads for Buildings and Other Structures - Denver, CO delete
Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Introduction to GCLs and their Applications - Online delete
Research Frontiers in Hazard Engineering - Online delete
Innovative Designs for Improving Intersection Capacity - Online(7) delete
Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Geotechnical Engineering Features - Deep Foundations - (2) delete
Condition Evaluation of Existing Structures - Concrete and Steel - Online(4) delete
Troubleshooting Unsteady Flow HEC-RAS Models - Online(1) delete
Elsevier Distinguished Lecture delete
Transit Signal Preemption and Priority Treatment - Online delete
An Introduction to Value Engineering (VE) for Value Based Design Decision Making - Online(2) delete
Lessons From Failures of Building Envelope - Online(5) delete
Geotextile Tubes for Erosion Control, Dewatering and Decontamination - Online(1) delete
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Building - An Overview of Changes to the New ASCE 41-13 - Online delete
Complete Streets - State of the Practice - Online delete
Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Hydraulic and Chemical Compatibility Performance of GCLs in Landfill Liner - Online delete
Supporting Suspended Loads from Building Structural Elements - Online(2) delete
Reducing Collisions at High Crash Locations - Online(7) delete
Stormwater Infiltration Basin Design - Design Consideration and Example Projects - Online(5) delete
Geosynthetic Basal Reinforcement Over Deep Foundations Including Geosynthetic Encased Stone-Sand Columns - Online delete
HEC-RAS Computer Workshop - Burbank, CA delete
Practical Design of Bolted and Welded Steel Connections - Online(8) delete
Design and Installation of Buried Pipes - New Orleans, LA delete
Structural-Condition Assessment of Existing Structures - Manchester, NH delete
Setting and Managing Speed Zones - Online(1) delete
Sustainable Water Concepts - Water Reuse and Recycling - Online delete
Curtainwall Primer for Design Professionals - Online delete
LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features - Earth Retaining Structures - Fill Walls - Online(6) delete
Seismic Screening of Buildings Using ASCE 41-13 - Online delete
Dam Breach Analysis Using HEC-RAS - Secaucus, NJ delete
Introduction to Navigation Channel Design - Online(1) delete
Noble Prize -- Nominations Due delete
Design and Construction of Launched Bridges - Waltham, MA delete
Financial Management for the Professional Engineer - Chicago, IL(1) delete
Finite Elements in Geotechnical Engineering - Tampa, FL delete
Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Hydraulic and Chemical Compatibility Pe(1) delete