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ASCE Champions Center Index


ASCE’s Membership Champions starting lineup begins with YOU!

Where Do I Start? It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3…

 1.  Enroll in the ASCE Champions Program
 2.  Schedule a “1-on-1” interactive needs assessment
 3.  Create an active Membership Committee

Recruit Prospects

  • What can I give to non-members who attend our Section/Branch meetings?
  • How do I create a marketing campaign to increase our membership?

Grow Grads

  • What do I say to graduating seniors about upgrading?
  • How do I introduce students to ASCE? 

Champions Locker Room

  • Why should I become a Champion?
  • Where can I find a list of all Champion resources?
  • How do I become an MVP?

Keep Members

  • How do I get my members to renew their membership? How do I identify “at risk” members and get them to renew?
  • How can I recognize our members’ accomplishments?

Champions Season Stats

  • How can I meet our membership goals?
  • What can I do with membership data on the FTP site?
  • How can I change or add an FTP account holder?