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Role of the ASCE Membership Champion

ASCE Champions

Benefits to the Region, Section, and Branch

  • Enabling greater efficiency of time and resources
  • Making adjustments as needed and establishing fluid action plans throughout the year to ensure success
  • Establishing a well-defined membership strategy
  • Increasing section or branch dues income
  • Delivering clear metrics on Section/Branch membership trends

Enroll to Become an ASCE Membership Champion 

The Champion(s) in your Region, Section, or Branch are vital proponents in the continued growth of this industry, and association. They are a catalyst creating and encouraging strategic thinking regarding membership growth. Working in conjunction with Officers and other active members, Champions integrate member recruitment and retention, through planned activities and events.
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The ASCE Membership Champion is:

  • At the epicenter of member recruitment and retention activities
  • An active member involved in the section, branch; with younger member forum or group, or student chapter (including faculty advisor).
  • Committed to seeing greater member and nonmember participation in the Section or Branch while encouraging use of ASCE and industry key benefits.
  • Motivated to make a difference in the growth of the profession.

Membership Champion’s Functions

This individual will help Officers and other active members understand the importance of developing and implementing a membership strategy; engage volunteers in member recruitment and retention activities; use the Champion tools and resources to enable Region, Section, or Branch to “listen” to its constituency.

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