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Whether prepping for an upcoming event, looking to restock your Champions resources, or checking out all that ASCE has to offer to boost your recruiting and retention efforts, you’ll find this comprehensive list to be just the ticket.

We developed some gear to get you game ready. What do you want to do today?

Organizational Tools

Item No.   Name   Purpose/Description  
ORG2    The Playbook At-A-Glance on Resource/Tool Usage by Champions
 ORG3 The Member Engagement Stats At-A-Glance of how many times R/S/B connect with particular market segments
ORG4 Activity Snap Shot Working through and tracking one activity

 Recruitment & Retention Tools

Item No.   Name   Purpose/Description   Comments

Using the FTP membership data to find and keep members

Get instructions on sorting the FTP data to get particular member segments. Understand how you may compliment ASCE HQ’s communication activities on particular member segments.
 RR2 Activity Tracker Excel Spreadsheet Track your Section/Branch activity from budget to No. of attendees. From soup to nuts!

At-Risk Member Strategy Get strategies on keeping 1st year members, transitioning graduating seniors, and reinstating lapsed members

Acquisition and Member Engagement Tips Excel Spreadsheet
A checklist of “tried and true” tips on finding new members and engaging current members. This form makes it easy to track the success of a tip.


Item No. Name Purpose/Description   Comments
FM1  Pizza Party Forms   For online electronic completion  
 FM2 FTP- Account holder-Current Volunteer requests for data-current Try the online submittal. It’s fast and it’s easy!
FM3 FTP-Account holder-One Time Use Volunteer requests for data-one time Try the online submittal. It’s fast and it’s easy!
FM4 FTP-Account holder-Targeted Data Use Volunteer requests for data-specific reports Try the online submittal. It’s fast and it’s easy!

  Member Metrics

Item No. Name Purpose/Description   Comments
MM1 Fiscal Year Membership Growth with Top 3 Rankings
These “snapshot” metrics show you (By Region, by Section, by Branch)

1. Total membership counts for FY13 (Sept. 30, 2012-Sept. 30, 2013) with percentage growth

2. Complete ranking by percentage growth

3. Top 3 Regions, Sections, and Branches in percentage growth for FY13
 98% accuracy rate


Item No.      Name   Purpose/Description   Comments
  PPT1  Member   Overview of member benefits  
PPT2   Student Member Overview of student
member benefits
PPT3   Student –Graduating Member Overview of the benefits of transitioning to Affiliate

 Brochures & Flyers

  For the brochures listed below, download the Promotional Merchandise & Materials Order Form to order hard copy brochures and other promotional items
Item No. Name Purpose/Description
BF1 Member Resource Guide A must for every Champion, this definitive brochure covers all of ASCE’s member benefits. Use it to reinforce the value of membership to current members, illustrate the benefit of membership to prospective members, and keep a copy handy for you to turn to.
BF2 All Institute brochure   Read individually or displayed as a series, ASCE’s Institute Brochures are tailored toward the specific member benefits offered by each Institute. Don’t forget, ASCE members receive FREE membership in one Institute.
BF3 Career Stages Show potential and current members the lifelong value of ASCE at every stage of their career.
BF4  Guidelines for Engineering grades ASCE's Guidelines for Engineering Grades were created to help engineers and their employers recognize an engineer's level of professional development and career advancement. The guidelines outline the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities associated with engineers at each grade.
BF5  Student Acquisition    
BF6   Member Acquisition  
BF7   Pizza Party  Pair pizza with your membership presentation. Customize and post this pizza party flyer with times, dates, and locations. Don’t forget to save your receipt…ASCE will reimburse you for the pie.
BF8  Graduating Student Member    
BF9   Membership Application  Print applications to take with you to your presentation, local event, or office to hand out to prospective members.


 Item No. Name Purpose/Description Comments
 CWeb-1-2013  Get Members, Keep Members, and Grow Membership Are you volunteering to help grow membership? Then, this archived webinar is for you. Learn Best Practices for Growing Membership.  For more valuable tips, tools and resources, enroll to become an ASCE Membership Champion today!


What is The HUDDLE? A focused discussion on what's working — one topic at a time -Huddle with other Membership Champions via Internet teleconference (phone + computer) to share best practices on growing membership.
 Item No.  Name Purpose/Description Comments
 H314 FTP Data —An Important Player In Your Game Plan of Growing Membership Part One: What is the FTP – Description; data protocol; how to manage account holders; and who does what, when, and why
Part Two: The Strategy—How to use the FTP data to communicate to members.
  1. Make sense of the fields within the report
  2. Get the information you are looking for to communicate to specific groups of members
  3. Find step-by-step membership engagement strategies included in Membership Champions tools and resources
 H514  8 Ways to Build Your “Special Teams”: Best Practices on Building a Volunteer Infrastructure. So, there’s more volunteer work you need to do than there is time. How do you get help?
  • The 3 R’s in making it easy for volunteers to get and stay involved in your Section, Branch or Younger Member Forum/Group
  • How to build leaders along the way
  • How to create a “Win-Win” proposition
 H514W  Workbook to H514
  • Contents:
  • Proven Strategies to Entice Members to Volunteer
  • Sample elevator speeches
  • Volunteer Assessment Tools
  • Managing Volunteers – 5 Tips
  • The 27 Best Practices of High Performing Volunteer Organizations
  • Questions to ask that can uncover why a person wants to volunteer/their passion
  • Baby steps to engaging the volunteer
  • Recognition —Stewarding Ideas
  • An easy-to-understand example that outlines skills, time, and expertise



 Item No.

Name Purpose/Description Comments
 BT Branding Toolkit Ensure that your materials follow ASCE's branding guidelines.  

   Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have questions? Want us to send you materials? No problem. Send the Membership Champions Manager an email. Schedule a “1-on-1” interactive needs assessment. 

 Organizational Tools | Recruitment & Retention Tools | Forms | Metrics | Presentations | Brochures & Flyers | Webinars | HUDDLE | Guidelines

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