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Civil Engineering Club

Civil Engineering Club Heading 

If you're interested in starting a Civil Engineering Club in your area, please contact our outreach staff.

Promote the 'E' in STEM by launching a Civil Engineering Club in your local high school! Led by ASCE members in cooperation with a faculty advisor, the club offers both structure and flexibility to make it successful in the after school environment.  Engineers and faculty lead students through a sequence of pre-planned meetings and classroom activities, and work with local companies, engineering organizations and /or universities to create experiences that introduce students to the role of civil engineering in the community and the career potential available for those who select engineering as their career pathway. Free downloadable resources available here make your job easy. 

Six Steps for Success!

STEP 1:  Collect information

Download the Civil Engineering Club Guide (below), your resource for planning, registering and launching a club, or  Email Pre-College Outreach to request a printed copy.

STEP 2:  Learn from last year's club leaders

To be at the top of your game from the start, listen to the archived one-hour Webinar presented by club leaders from th2012-2013.  Gather lessons learned and gain insight about planning and running a successful club.

STEP 3:  Plan for success

Follow ASCE's guidelines for reaching out to local schools, securing commitments from a faculty advisor and volunteers, and developing a plan for the school year. Looking for schools in your area? Check out our list of Project Lead the Way schools and other top schools with high interest in STEM disciplines.

STEP 4: Order your FREE club resources

Once you have your volunteer and club launch plans in place, submit an application to register your club.  ASCE staff will confirm receipt and arrange for shipment of your free Civil Engineering Club resources. Contact Jeannine Finton if you need additional support in making your registration official!

STEP 6:  Launch your club!

With people and resources in place, you are now ready to recruit students and start having fun! ASCE will check in with you during the year to make sure things are running smoothly. 

CE Club resources


Civil Engineering Club Guide Learn what Civil Engineering Club is all about.  Information about approaching a school partner, building a team of volunteers, recruiting students and talking to kids about civil engineering, and working together to planning, launching and running a successful club are all included in the guide.  The club guide also includes a Club Launch activity to introduce students to the engineering design process and the Bridges Topic Module with eight weeks worth of activities and ideas for speakers, site visits and community service activities.

 Download resources (18MB)

Transparent CE Club Logo

Civil Engineering Club Logo In addition to posters, handouts, certificates and membershipcards available through ASCE, you may use the Civil Engineering Club logo to create your own materials to promote your club!  Many clubs have created a combined CIvil Engineering Club /school logo to illustrate thier unique partnership.  Legal guidelines for using the logo are provided on p. 78 of the CE Club Guide.   

 Download resources (2.14MB .eps file zip)


                      Civil Engineering Club Promotional Brochure

Civil Engineering Club brochure for school administrators - Sleek trifold brochure explains the benefits of establishing a Civil Engineering Club at their school. To order, email





                 CE Club Student Recruitment Brochure

Civil Engineering Club brochure for recruiting student members -  Downloadable graphic is ready for copier printing on 81/2 " x 11" paper.  Print as many copies as needed to generate interest in CE Club.  Outlines activities and reasons to be a part of this fun, after school experience. 

  Download resources  (4.12 MB)

Bridges PowerPoint

Bridges Module / Activity 1 Paper Bridge / Bridges PowerPointUse this PowerPoint to introduce students to different types of bridges and how they stand up. 

 Download resources  (5.8MB)


           CEClub Water Module(1)

Civil Engineering Club Water Resources Module Introduce students to the ways civil engineers develop and manage water resources to meet society's needs.  In the opening activity students will look at the global problem of providing safe, reliable drinking water where it is needed most.  Through additional hands-on activities and a competition students will explore engineered water systems in developing an developed countries using Google Earth, design an irrigation system, and design a water filtration system. Related recommendations for speakers, stie visits and community service projects complete the module, which provides eight  weeks worth of STEM related after-school experiences.

 Download resources   (9.09 MB)

      Google Earth Files

Google Earth files / Activity 2 Explore Engineered Water Systems  Use these files to tour students through engineered water systems in developing and developed countries. 

Download resources  (129.3 KB)

   Irrigation System PowerPoint

Water Resources Module / Activity 3 Move It! / Irrigation System PowerPoint  Use this PowerPoint to introduce students to the Irrigation System Challenge.

Download resources  (59.3 KB)