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How do I become a Life Member of ASCE? What are the eligibility requirements? What are the costs of being a Life Member?


You will become an ASCE Life Member automatically once you have reached 65 years of age, paid dues in any membership grade except Student Member for at least thirty years, and had ten years of continuous dues-paying membership immediately preceding the attainment of Life Member.

ASCE Life Members are not required to pay any membership dues. However, we do ask that our Life Members renew their free life membership annually. If you would like to continue to receive the member publication Civil Engineering magazine for the life of your membership, you may choose to pay a one-time $300 Lifetime Service Fee or you may choose to pay a $30 Life Member Service Fee or make a $30 voluntary contribution of your choice to ensure you continue receiving these publications for the current membership year.

To find your current Life Year, log into myASCE, and click on the “Edit Personal Information” link on the left side.Your Life Year is listed to the left underneath the “Membership” tab of your personal information.  Your current Life Year is also printed on your annual renewal form delivered in September.

For more information, please visit our Life Member page.