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We have several people in our office that we want to participate in a webinar. Can they all participate from their individual work stations?

The single site registration fee for ASCE's live webinars is intended to be an easy, affordable way to provide training for multiple employees in your organization. Your single site registration fee provides you with a site license for one computer login to the webinar and one toll-free phone call to access the audio portion of the webinar. The site license provided to you by the single site registration fee does not permit you to have multiple logins or phone calls from your site or to transmit this information to another site. Therefore, if you plan to have a large group attend the webinar at your site, all participants should assemble in a conference room to hear (via speaker phone) and view (via one computer and a computer projection system) the webinar. If you have several sites, you must register each site individually and pay a separate site registration fee.