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Leadership & Management

Student Mentoring

Life After College

Soft Skills Currently Provided by ASCE  

 ASCE Scheduled Webinars 

    • Delegation: Why Put Off Until Tomorrow What Someone Can Do Today (3/2/2011) 
    • Engineering Through Ethical Challenges (3/28/2011) 
    • Developing Effective Teams (4/13/2011)  
  • ASCE Archived Webinars  

    • Leadership and Management 
    • Ethics: The Road Engineers Must Follow 
    • Holding Productive Meetings to Increase the “Bottom Line” 
    • Marketing 101 
    • Mentoring: Guidance for Mentors, Proteges and Organizations 
    • Scope Creep: Preventing and Resolving 
    • The Five Habits of Highly Effective Marketers 
    • Writing: Producing Action-Oriented Documents  
  • General Leadership Website  

  • ASCE PR University 

    • Full Day Workshop - Learn techniques and practical strategies for effective communications through presentations and hands-on PR activities. Topics covered include media relations and public presentations 
    • Half-Day Writing Workshop - Discuss the importance of writing skills in effective communication and focus on news releases, letters to the editor and commenting on blogs. Participants will also have an opportunity to practice using these tools with hands-on activities. 
  •  ASCE LEAD Program (Leadership Education and Development) 
    • Session 1 – Leadership Principles 
    • Session 2 – Understanding Yourself & Others Better 
    • Session 3 – Individual Personal Coaching/Mentoring 
    • Session 4 – Communicating to Motivate 
    • Session 5 – Leading Difficult People and Leading in Conflict Situations 
    • Session 6 – Leading Change 
    • Session 7 – Empowering and Growing Others 
    • Session 8 – Inspiring Leadership in Others; Creating a Leadership Culture 
  • ASCE eLearning 

    • Free to Members, contains online training in leadership development, technical interests, society events, informational and training programs, and member programs. 
    • Archived Sessions 
      • Your Path to Professional Licensure – Hosted by NCEES about the step by step process to professional licensure. 
      • PR Univerisity 
      • Long Term Care – Understanding Your Options 
      • Mentoring Middle School Students – The Salvadori Way 
      • ASCE Section and Branch Best Practices Webinar 
      • Career Paths In Civil Engineering 
      • The Key Contacts Webinar 
      • Tailgate Debates: When Social Gatherings Turn Political 
      • The Core: Convening and Leading Small Group Meetings 
      • Time Not Wasted: Making Good Use of Social Media 
      • Trenchless Design Basics – Essential Considerations for the Design of New Utility Installations or Rehab Projects 
      • Dare I Ask? Negotiating For Yourself 
      • Retirement Planning for Young Engineers 
      • Roth IRA Conversion: Is It Right for You? 
      • State of Art Design and Detailing for Fiberwrap Structural Rehabilitation 
      • Career Paths In Civil Engineering  

  • Emerging Leadership Alliance 

  • eCareer Mentoring   

  • CYM’s Younger Member Leader Webinars 

  • Leadership Development for the Engineer Training  

  • Public Relations Training and PR Toolkit