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Social Media Policies for Site Administrators


If you are responsible for an existing or newly approved ASCE social media site – for example, a Facebook page, LinkedIn group, Twitter account, blog, YouTube channel, or any other social media web page branded as ASCE – these policies are designed to help you and the entire organization succeed. This is in addition to the main ASCE Social Media Policy -- click for those policy terms.


Register with the ASCE Social Media Team. Contact the team to be added to the inventory of social media sites, and to be included in important communications about ASCE’s social media activity. You will be expected to participate in a social media users group, coordinated by the ASCE Social Media Team.


Make sure your contact information appears on the site. Make it easy for group members to contact you to report inappropriate content or to connect with ASCE.


Monitor and moderate posts as appropriate for your group. In some cases, it is better to review content prior to posting. In other cases, it is better to allow a free flow of ideas. Monitor your group to learn their needs and moderate accordingly. Do not allow anonymous postings.

Best Practice: If you are reviewing user-generated content prior to it posting live, speed is imperative. Aim to approve new posts within an hour. If you are not reviewing, you should still monitor the content after it’s posted, and remove or correct posts that violate policies (see #8).


Update your site regularly. You are expected to maintain your site and make sure it is updated according to the ASCE Minimum Posting Requirements (click to review/save a copy).

Best Practice: Work with the ASCE Social Media Team to optimize your content and posting frequency.


Post or link to appropriate policies, and abide by the policies. All groups must post or link to the ASCE Rules for Social Media Creation, Moderating, Posting, & Commenting. If there are other policies that relate to your group, post or link to those as well.


Maintain at least two administrators. Have a succession plan. If one of the staff administrators for a site that supports ASCE can no longer participate, designate a replacement staff administrator.