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Housner Medal Step by Step Worksheet


How to Create a Housner Medal Nomination

This worksheet is designed to help you create a nomination for the George W. Housner Structural Control and Monitoring Medal. The worksheet is for you alone and is not part of the final nomination package. We suggest that you carefully review the steps outlined here to get a sense of the details before beginning the process of nominating.

STEP 1 – Know how often the award may be presented.
The George W. Housner Structural Control and Monitoring Medal may be presented annually.

STEP 2 – Know the nomination deadline.
Complete nomination packages are due to the Honors and Awards program office no later than November 1st.

STEP 3 – Whom to nominate? A prospective Housner Medal nominee is an individual who has made substantial contributions to the field of structural control and monitoring. ASCE membership is not a requirement.

I have decided to nominate ________________________________

□ He/She is a member of ASCE
□ She/he has not already received the Housner Medal

STEP 4 – Download an Official Award Nomination Form from the Web and review the information, including the list of items that need to be included in the nomination package.
The nomination form is available at  and click on “Nomination Forms.”

Official Award Nomination form downloaded and reviewed on _________________(insert date)

STEP 5-9 can be worked on simultaneously.

STEP 5 – Request that the nominee’s CV or biography (short version preferred) be sent to you.

CV or biography received on _____________________________(insert date)

STEP 6 – You are the nominator, in which case you should write a nominator’s cover letter that justifies your candidate’s nomination.

Nominator’s cover letter completed on ________________________________(insert date)

STEP 7 – Develop a list of people you will request letters of recommendation from. You will need a minimum of two letters. You should direct that the letters be sent to you. They can be addressed to you, as the official nominator.

Because receiving letters of recommendation can cause a delay in finalizing a nomination package, we suggest that you seek three letters and use the first two you receive. In requesting that a person write a letter on behalf of your candidate, please be sure to give him/her a deadline for reply.

Successful letters of recommendation are generally one-two pages in length and justify why a candidate should be selected. People who have first-hand knowledge of the candidate and who can include examples that support their justification are good resources.

I have identified _______________________________(insert date) as the date on which I must receive letters of recommendation.

I have requested letters of recommendation from the following people: 

References (insert name)                   Date Letter Was Received                  

STEP 8 – Complete the Official Award Nomination form, which includes a citation (not to exceed 40 words in length). The citation is the short justification. Following is an example of a citation for a similar award:

“In recognition of contributions to the field of applied mechanics by educating new engineers and advancing the basic and applied knowledge to promote the field.”

I have completed the Official Award Nomination form, including a citation (40 words or less), on ____________________________(insert date)

STEP 9 – Assemble the necessary elements of the package. It is especially appreciated if the documents can be presented in the following order:

  1. Official nominator’s cover letter
  2. Official Award Nomination form, signed by the nominator
  3. CV or biography (short form preferred)
  4. Two-three letters of recommendation

I have organized the originals for the nomination package on ____________________________(insert date).

STEP 10 – It is especially helpful if the nomination package is submitted electronically to If you prefer to mail your submission to the Honors and Awards program office, you may do so, in which case one original nomination package is needed. Regardless of whether the nomination is mailed or sent electronically, nominations must be received by November 1.

Mailed submissions must be addressed to:

Honors and Awards Program Office
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191-4400

I have submitted one original of the nomination package on ______________________(insert date).

I have retained one photocopy of the nomination package for my records on ______________________(insert date).

STEP 11 – Upon receipt, the nomination package will be reviewed for completeness. If documents are found lacking, the nominator will be advised and the nomination will be held as pending until all documents have been received.

Should you have questions that have not been addressed in this guide, please contact Jane Moran Alspach, Senior Manager, Honors and Awards, at 1-800-548-2723 x 6382 or at