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ASCE Ethics Resources: Incident at Morales


The ASCE Professional Activities Department features the following:  

Incident at Morales: An Engineering Ethics Story
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This NIEE video, study guide and PowerPoint slideshow presents a study of ethical responsibilities and choices similar to many encountered in engineering practice. The video shows that good and well meaning people can unintentionally get into situations that may result in unethical and unfortunate consequences. The video is designed to help viewers become more aware that:

  • Ethical considerations are an integral part of making engineering decisions
  • A code of ethics will provide guidance in the decision-making process
  • The obligations of a code of ethics do not stop at the United States border
  • The obligations of engineers go beyond fulfilling a contract with a client or customer

    Incident at Morales is 36 minutes long. Thus, making it short enough for viewing and discussing at society meetings, company lunches, and college classes.

  • View PDF Study Guide (PDF)  The 24-page Study Guide contains suggestions for use of the video, the story line, list of characters, synopsis of the video, purpose of the video, over 100 questions about ethical issues that the story raises, and a suggested assignment for students and viewers.

  • View PDF PowerPoint Slideshow (PDF)  26 slides make up the PowerPoint Slideshow that may used as an introduction.
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