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Conference Proceedings


ASCE Conference Proceedings publish books and CD-ROMs containing papers from the most prestigious professional meetings of leading civil engineers from around the globe. Conference Proceedings are rushed into publication, usually in time for the conference at which papers are being presented—offering first access to breakthrough data and developments.

Conference Proceedings originate within ASCE's Institutes and Technical Activities Divisions or within ASCE's Conference and Meeting Planning Department. If you are interested in submitting a paper for an ASCE conference, consult with the appropriate Institute or Division or visit the calendar of upcoming conferences.

If your paper has been accepted for presentation at an ASCE conference, you will receive instructions for submitting your paper through one of two avenues. (The choice of avenue is made by the conference committee.) Careful attention to the instructions provided will ensure that your paper moves smoothly through the production process and the proceedings is available as speedily as possible.

  • If you are to use ASCE's online conference proceedings submission system, follow the instructions provided by your proceedings editor or conference committee.
  • If you are submitting your paper directly to your editor, follow the instructions in the ASCE Conference Proceedings Author's Guide.
  • If you are the editor of a conference proceedings, follow the instructions in the ASCE Conference Proceedings Editor's Guide.

Posting papers on the Internet 

What authors can do: Authors may post a PDF reproduction of the ASCE-published version of their work on their employers' intranet sites ONLY when: 1) 90 days have passed since publication by ASCE; 2) the intranet site is password protected; and 3) access is restricted to company employees.

Authors may post the final draft of their work on open, unrestricted Internet sites or deposit the final draft in an institutional repository ONLY when: 1) 90 days have passed since publication by ASCE and 2) the draft contains a link to the bibliographic record of the published version in ASCE's Civil Engineering Database. "Final draft" means the version submitted to ASCE after peer review and prior to copyediting or other ASCE production activities; it does not include the copyedited version, the page proof, or a PDF of the published version.

What authors cannot do: Authors are not permitted at any time to post a PDF reproduction of the ASCE-published version of their work to open, unrestricted Internet sites or to place these PDFs in institutional repositories UNLESS the authors first obtain explicit written permission to do so from ASCE.