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Permission Requests

If you wish to reuse ASCE copyrighted material in a non-ASCE publication, you need written permission from ASCE. ASCE copyrighted content includes all ASCE publications: journal articles, proceedings papers, books (standards, manuals, committee reports, ASCE Press), and Civil Engineering and Geo-Strata magazines. Consult our Guidelines for Permissions for more information about acceptable types of reuse.

You can request permissions from ASCE in the following ways:

Request Permission Online

ASCE Publications employs Rightslink®, an online permission service, to enable customers to request permission for licensing content directly from the ASCE Library, the Civil Engineering Database, and the ASCE Bookstore

First, locate the content record in the ASCE Library, the Civil Engineering Database, or the ASCE Bookstore. Open the bibliographic or product record, and click on the "Permission for Reuse" or “Permissions” link. This link will take you directly to Rightslink®, where you can fill out the online form to make your request and receive instant feedback. Rightslink® is not a document delivery service. Rightslink® provides permission for reuse only.

For technical questions about Rightslink®, email the Copyright Clearance Center, call 877-622-5543 (toll-free) or 978-777-9929, or fax them at 978-774-9213.

Directly from ASCE

If the "Permission for Reuse" or “Permissions” link does not appear in the record or if your type of request is not covered by Rightslink®, please send your request directly to ASCE Permissions. Please provide citation information on the requested material, and detailed information on how you wish to reuse the requested material. 





ASCE Permissions, Publications Division, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA 20191

Permission Requests for ASCE/SEI 7 

To request permission to reuse material from any edition of Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE/SEI Standard 7), please send your request to ASCE Permissions. Your request should identify the text, figure, and/or table that you would like to reuse, the exact edition of ASCE 7 in which it appears, and where the material will be republished. Rightslink® does not handle permissions for any editions of ASCE 7.


If you are interested in translating and publishing any of ASCE’s publications, please contact ASCE Translations directly.

Information for ASCE Authors: Reusing Your Own Material


STM Permission Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

You may review our general ASCE Terms and Conditions for Permissions before placing an order. Terms and Conditions for Permissions are also available for viewing during the Rightslink® ordering process.