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Draft Accreditation Documents Supporting Attainment of the Body of Knowledge

  • Program Criteria for Civil and Similarly Named Engineering Programs (As of January 2008). These criteria were approved by the Board of Directors of ABET, Inc [on second reading] at their meeting on November 3, 2007. These criteria are effective for evaluations occurring beginning during the 2008-2009 Accreditation Cycle. This document also includes the new General Criteria for Master Level Programs -- and frequently asked questions related to these criteria.
  • Commentary on ABET Engineering Criteria for Civil and Similarly Named Programs -- Version 3.4 (Draft as of May 10, 2007). The purpose of this document is to provide commentary on the ABET/EAC "Criteria for Civil and Similarly Named Engineering Programs" in the context of the ASCE Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge (BOK). More specifically, the Commentary is intended to: (1) provide civil engineering program evaluators with guidlines for applying the ABET/EAC Criteria in a civil engineering context; and (2) provide civil engineering faculty members with recommended measures -- above and beyond the criteria -- that will ensure full, implementation of the BOK.